Please Critique these photos

Central_Cali369April 26, 2008

Here are some photos I took and i was looking for someone more experienced to critique them. So have at it!

Palms against a sunset

Opuntia and California poppies

Another Desert Scene

Succulents and bulbs among rocks

Canna flowers

Echeveria 'Ramilette'

Echeveria 'Lola'


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They're gorgeous, I love the first two especially!

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#1. Palms against sunset

Very good shot
o Composition Good
o Color Good

#2. Opuntia & California Poppies

The hose and drip lines distract, but were likely unvoidable.

Use fill-in fladh to lighten the deep shadows of the nearest cactus clump

Too much barren foreground.

#3. Another Desert Scene


#4. Succulent & bulbs among rocks


#5. Canna Flower

The blossom is the main subject and is slightly out of focus. Try using manual focus. Sharp focus begins with the hard edged big leaf behind the blossom.

#6. Echeveri Ranulette

This is a nice subject, but a difficult shot because the required depth of field is beyond technical reality. The depth of field can be increased by using smaller lens opening, but will result in slower shutter speed. If the shutter speed gets slower than 1/00 or maybe 1/60 sec, consider using a tripod.

#7. Echeveri Ranulette

Well done! The slash of blue adds interest.

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Hi CC -

Palms against sunset

Beautiful! Very appealing shot

Opuntia & California Poppies

Informative (nice to know what these things look like), but it doesn't succeed very well as art. The hose, etc., is a no-no, and the composition is lacking. Plus, as you'll hear me say again, you have too much contrast.

Another Desert Scene

I like this one better, but not as well as . . .

Succulent & bulbs among rocks

I like the arrangement of the parts, especially the addition of the antler (?). But I think this shot, like most of the others, suffers from too much "light and bright." I realize that direct sun is part of any desert scene, but I would like to see it toned down a bit.

Canna Flower

What Jemdandy said.

Echeveri Ranulette

I like this shot, and I agree with Jemdandy that depth of field is a problem. But I don't see why it should be, with the subject bathed in so much light. I would think you could close down the aperture without sacrificing much shutter speed.

Echeveri Ranulette

Very nice shot (is this your garden?), but again I'd like to see that strong light tamed. Your succulent verges on being blown out. Do you ever have cloudy days? :-)

What camera are you using? Have fun with your beautiful photo ops!


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