Moon's Filling Up

kentuck_8bMarch 24, 2007

It's almost ready to overflow. Once leveled off, it should rain,...according to the 'old-timers'.


Image link:

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Nearly half way there...Love the framing, KT!

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I agree with Juanita, very nice.

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It's raining...


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Good picture with frame KT!
Question: Why is your moon horizontal, I have always seen the moon as filling almost to vertical
position like this C,.... actually mirror C
Are you tilting your camera or turn picture 90 degr or
are you in a part of the world where one see the moon like

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Thanks Konrad. No, the moon is as seen in the photo. Every few months, the moon is horizontal as in the photo.

This usually happens near a lunar eclipse occurring at moonrise or moonset.

Go outside and look at the moon tonight. Watch it as it sets, it will be positioned as would a bowl on a table... a full bowl, that is.

The moon's setting and rising degrees varies greatly as compared to the sun, which rises and sets farther north until it reaches the Summer Solstice, the point at which the Sun is farthest north of the equator and is on June 21 or 22. The Winter Solstice, usually occurs on December 21 or 22, and is the point where the sun is farthest south of the equator.

The moon moves more often north and south. When it sets near the point where the sun sets, it will be as in the photo. Likewise, if it rises near the point where the sun rises, it will also look like a laying down "C".

I probably got you more confused than helped you understand why it looks as it does. I know why it does(looks) as it does, but have a hard time conveying why.

Maybe Solstice can explain it better...


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Thank you KT, I will have a closer eye next time!....I went outside and it's snowing!
Will that count as rain? LOL

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WOW! Snowing?!?! Maybe where you live, the moon doesn't look like it does here.LOL! Maybe we're far enough apart that it looks different as it rises and sets.

I guess when(if) it fills up where you live, then it means it's going to snow instead of rain. hehe


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