White Tailed Deer

Konrad___far_northMarch 15, 2011

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Beautiful pic. But of course I would say that as my favorite subject matter is the deer! That second deer had me fooled for a minute, at first I just saw one! Looks like they spotted you and trying to figure it out. Looks like they have a regular path they follow. The snow is beautiful but I think I'm glad we are having weather in the 70's already and even reached the 80's a couple of days.

Every hair on that deer shows up so sharp......love it!

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Great job! I love the detail and the light--and the long shadows. Shot in late day?

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WOW! Those turned out well.

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Thank you all!
These pictures...1:20 PM was shot with a little cheap Sony Cybershot, I hacked and hocked up on a motion control board, all inside a watertight pelican box shooting through glass. This put on a tree.
It was funny, the last picture was shot first, Deer noticed the lense moving inside the box, deer went a step back and looked again, [first picture]

Some night shots..

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Beautiful photos! I was going to ask how close to the deer you actually were, but then I read your explanation of how you took the photos. Very clever!!

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