SLR sensor question...

ashelton80March 2, 2008

Those of you that have an SLR camera, how or do you clean your sensor?

Mine is a bit dusty...I used a baby de-snotter suction thingy (i dont have kids, so i dunno the real name) to blow mine off with some success, but has anyone used he swabs with eclipse cleaning solution?

Is the process as scary as I have heard?



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I use the sensor sweep. Don't want to use to blower/sucker as it may push dust further into the camera

Here is a link that might be useful: Sensor Sweep

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I was wondering this myself, Ashelton...

how do you know when it needs a cleaning? I've changed lens a few times...Is it when you change that dust gets in there? or how bout when it sits...I leave mine out to be easily accessible...Should I be keeping it under cover?


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The sensor needs cleaning when you can see specks in your photos. I'm guessing it's the lens changes introduce dust in, not sure if just sitting does. With the 20D I would have to clean with every lens change, the 40D is much better with the automatic sensor clean when you power on off and back on.

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I have used the chopstick, lens tissue paper and alcohol, very cheap and it works...but do it very carefully!


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Juanita, look at my other post titled Desoto Falls. Paticularly in the bottom left quarter of the actual waterfall, you can see several dust specks...

From what I understand, dust is just a miserable fact of I think it happens most requently when changing lenses. I try to change mine with the camera facing down....dont know really if it helps, but in my mind it does! :)

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