Part 2:Beaver Creek State Park...Now at end of loop

juanitalMarch 5, 2007

heading back to entrance....still the same day...are we having fun yet?

Mmmm, this fresh air is awesome...It's warm enough to go without gloves and hat...I can make this walk without taking pics...boy that sky, clouds and trees look nice...

Oh, look how cool the tables, trees and shadows look...okay, lets see if I can get the settings (using manual with WB set to cloudy)...

I think I might have to go...good thing the bathrooms are up ahead...what a relief!...

Now its opening up to the pond ahead...Oooh just look at this scene!

I can finish this off with little odd and end if you wish me too...I don't want you to feel obligated or bored and I hope I haven't overdone it...It was fun writing as I was walking, taking pictures and posting here...Thank you all for walking with me!


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I had fun walking with you! Nice to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up all winter. I know what you mean about taking a walk with a camera. I'm always stopping and looking around for a shot to take, never getting anywhere! When I go with my husband somewhere he is always turning around and waiting for me to catch up!Thanks for the pretty tour!

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Gorgeous pictures Juanita... I loved taking a walk with you in the fresh air!

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I am enjoying the pics, too! At least I exercised today (ok, not really).

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Well, thank you for joining and glad you enjoyed...
Virtual walking and exercise, hmmmm...a new 'concept?'

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