Help to stop Animal Cruelty PLEASE.

KEV67SFebruary 12, 2012

Please help by following the link and signing the petition. Pass on the link to as many people you can by email or posting onto your social network.

Many Thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: A Dog Is For Life And Not For The Menu

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Wasted effort. Not only can anyone do anything about what happens in a foreign country, it is sometimes illegal to do so. That sort of thing has been going on for centuries in the Far East.

Try doing something about animal abuse here in the US---where something can be done.

People here in Kansas City went to work and we now have a 98% No Kill Animal Shelter. The only animals that get euthanized are terminally sick.

That is doing something positive.

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ITA w/ handtmac. As much as I love animals, I believe China, Korea, and Vietnam have bigger problems than eating dogs. It's repugnant to me, but it's also cultural & signing an online petition from someone who registered at this site only to get signatures, well that's not going to fix this particular problem.

This is an issue where it's more meaningful to thank & act locally, & hope the local change affects global change.

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I don't mind signing a petition, but I hope that there is a focus for media attention as well.

Thanks for caring about those poor animals.

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I just want to say, I am pro helping animals. I love animals, especially dogs. It hurts when I see animals being mistreated. But although the link that you have put on this forum does show an aspect of the delicacy of dog in Asia, I wanted to point out that Korea actually breeds a certain breed of dog which is used for its cuisine. It's sad seeing the conditions that they are raised which is similar to chicken farms here in America. Or say how fois gras is made from geese/ducks. Not that it's crowded but small spaces. They don't go kidnapping dogs from neighborhoods. That might have happened in the past but for quite a while now, a certain type/breed of dog is used. Similar to how certain breeds of cow are used for meat. I'm sure that categorizing it is blunt and a bit brutal, but over there, it's considered normal.

Now I'm not saying that I condone such practices but just wanted to inform of that fact. There's actually been documentaries on the practice. Change is slow and hard so I admire you for bringing the issue to light.

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