The ole Outhouse..

hippyMarch 24, 2007

Odd how people did things long ago.

This old Outhouse was built across a small ditch so that it would be "flushed" when it rained.

Pentax *ist D

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Outhouses are still quite common here, but I don't know of any that are built over ditches. Good idea, I guess, unless you live downstream!

We always called them 'srotches'(sp?), derived from the Czech word for outhouse.

Nice photo.


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That makes sense...but actually the 1st time I heard it...
Nice photo!

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Nice picture! I like the red paint, unusual for an outhouse.

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You know that some treasure hunters still excavate the holes that were dug for these old out houses. Can you imagine what kind of treasure you may find? It would have to be a very old outhouse before I would excavaate it, nothing fresh..


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I love your ole Outhouse!

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