Desoto Falls

ashelton80March 2, 2008

This was my first try to get the "silky" effect using my new camera....some things wrong with it, but overall I was happy I reckon...sun was REALLY too bright for me to get a good exposure....anywho, hope yall like it...throw some critique to it if ya see something wrong, please!


Taken with Canon Rebel XTi, f/32, 1/2 second exp., ISO 100

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I think the silky effect looks great...Haven't tried that out yet but that is one of my goals just to see if I can do it!


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Congrat. on your new toy!
Very nice!
I seems a bit too close up, I would like to see the fall ending.

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Might try one second. You will probably have to get a polarizer and/or neutral density so you can leave the shutter open long enough. It took me forever to get good shots like that. But you're off to a great start, Andy.
Cloudy days work great, too, and I know you are using a tripod.
Are you loving your new toy?

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That was WITH a polarizing Truth is it was WAY too bright for what I wanted to do, but that was the only time I could manage to get free from other things to go shoot some stuff. Im gonna go back at some point about an hour before sunset or as you said a cloudy day and see what I can improve on....and hopefully that dust that is so obvious in that pic has been removed by then too!! lol

And yes, I'm loving it. If I could teach it to cook for me, I would ask it to marry me. :P

for real though, it is by far the best "toy" I have ever owned...I must confess ,however, I do miss carrying my Sony h7 everywhere still have it...probably will keep it too!! :)


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I have used a polarizer AND an ND filter. Yes, some days I just think it's so heavy, especially if there are 3 or 4 lenses in the bag. I take my Sony H5 instead sometimes.
Shhh, aren't you engaged? Or just to the camera!??

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herm....i always heard that using two filters was a no-no....but since you asure me that the earth wont spin off its axis if i do, i may just try that!! :)

and im not engaged yet...wont be if i keep gettin new toys instead of a ring....hmph....:)


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