West Virginia Beer and another...

hippyMarch 30, 2007

I did not know that West Virginia had a beer named after it.

A few may know. I love to go to abandoned farms here in West Virginia and explore. You never know what you can find that has long been discarded by the people that lived their long ago.

These cans were at the same location in which i took the old out building photos.

Note the rusty nail in the board at the lower right. I posted a photo "Rusty Nail" in a new thread.

Pentax *ist D

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Good shots hippy!
It looks like they been on the ground for sometimes until you found them?

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Excellent shots!
Nice find...we use to live on an old place...they said it use to be stage coach stop...loved exploring and finding old things...I think we still have some, somewhere...but I like the way you posted and shot on the spot!

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I didn't know we had a beer either! I'm from Fairmont, upper part of WV, where are you??

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neat shots

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Makes me thirsty just looking. ;)

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Bigack, we're almost neighbors! I'm from Elkins. Wow, even cyberspace is a small world huh?

Great photo Hippy!! Sounds like a very interesting hobby too.

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Good shots.I have an old Old Milwaukee beer bottle that is Royal Ruby Glass made by Anchor Hocking. It is ruby red. The info is stamped on the bottom of the bottle.

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