need help choosing between this bosch & this ge

eblazemcFebruary 16, 2014

I've been trying to decide between purchasing a Bosch 500 series model: SHE65T56UC or a GE model: GDT580SMFES.
*Had the model number incorrect in previous postings- this posting contains the correct number.

There are some pros and cons to both for me that makes it a difficult decision, maybe someone can help.

Rated 80 on consumer reports
+) The Bosch have the highest consumer reports rating on reliability and dependability.
+) Third rack option
+) The anti leak system it advertises
+) It has a Rinse option
+) It has an express option
+) Shorter all around load times
+) I like the way the display looks but I'm not sure if you can see time remaining while the dishwasher is running ( the Bosch I want to take back had the upper hidden panel and you could only see the time remaining display if you opened the door and interrupted the cycle)
?) The half load on the Bosch I'm questionable about though- The GE is optional half Top or Half bottom, I like that but I'm not sure about this Bosh half as many dishes thing. Wouldn't you just wait a little to completely fill it? Otherwise I can see more sense in the half top/half bottom thing more. I can see just running some cups up top etc..
*If I'm not understanding how that works please just let me know.
-) I don't like the design of the top rack itself as much- just the way the positioned the metal pieces, they tend to jut up more making cups tippier (if you get my meaning ;)
-) I don't like the 'design' of the bottom rack much either
-) And the Bottom rack does not have foldable or adjustable tines
-) Do not like the silverware basket, sections are small and even smaller at the bottom causing things you put in them to be real tight and I think it wastes more space.
--) Boshes are known for not drying dishes well and with the one I have I do have to agree whole heartedly.

The GE:
Rated 76 on Consumer Reports
+ & -) I think the control panel being hidden looks nice but don't think it's necessarily better. My husband seems to think that having it on top will get dirtier then the design of the Bosch with the controls on front placed under that little ledge.
+) Like the optional look of the unique color of the 'Slate' which is grey but doesn't show fingerprints and water spotting like stainless steel.
+?) Steam option to loosen caked on foods - don't know how well that works compared to just sticking them into the Bosch. Does add time
+) I like the the top rack design better, the metal area I spoke of on the Bosch were it juts up is flatter on the GE and I feel will make placing/loading on it easier were cups and that are less likely to be falling tipping over in the process.
+) Silver ware basket can be sectioned into three sections 1 larger piece and 2 smaller pieces that can be placed anywhere in the unit.
+) Silverware basket is roomer and less confined then the Bosch
+) The bottom rack tines are foldable, removable, repositionable and adjustable
+?) Like the idea of the Wash temp option for a Boost in temperature- just don't know how well it works. Might even be comparable to Bosh's Extra Shine Option but don't know for sure though.
+) Wash Zones option- Targeted Upper or Lower Rack washing
+?) The Piranha food pulverizer- Advertised as a special thing, don't know the difference of that and the Bosh's filtration system
-) Longer Wash time
-) GE Rated Mid way on Consumer Reports for Reliability and Dependability.
+?) Has a hidden vent with fan dry for the purpose of getting the dishes dryer- Don't know how well that works or if it even does get the dishes dryer since I haven't tried the unit like I did with the Bosch I presently have (model: SHX4ATF5UC) and am taking back to the store.

Side Note: When I take the unit I have back to the store I will have to pay an additional $200 more for the prementioned Bosch or an additional $60 for the GE.
Is the Bosch worth spending $140 more then the GE?

Any help and advise on the matter would be so greatly appreciated and please be as specific as possible. I really do want to hear as much as I can about what you have to say so feel free to be detailed and wordy cause i'm looking for as much information and and experienced opinions as I can get.

I need to make a decision soon since I need to take back the Bosch I have since i've already spoken to customer service about it and in addition the store is currently running a 10% off sale on these appliances and I want to get the new unit on the sale so I don't have to pay more then I have to.

Thanks so much,

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I just bought a new dishwasher. My father has owned an appliance repair business for 35 years. I said, which dishwasher should I get. His words. They are all crap these days, but Bosch and Kitchenaid are the best of the crap. Whatever you do don't buy a GE. Just his opinion, but in general whenever I buy appliances, he tells me to choose the item that is more solid, less flash. Always a little less exciting to look at, but always seems to be a better, more solid choice, because as he says, the less junky features, the less things that will break. I ended up with a Kitchenaid because the racks seemed better for our purposes, but I think the Bosch is one of the best dishwashers you can get.

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Did you read the brand reliability reports on Consumer Reports? Bosch is at the top. GE is pretty far down. We have a GE dishwasher that I thought I would have to replace recently, so I looked into it. The GE has been nothing but problems. Luckily my super-handy wife was able to fix it and buy us a little more time.

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I have had my Bosch dishwasher(shu43co6uc/22) for about 4 years now. Love it. No problems what so ever. It is sooo quiet compared to my old Maytag that was here when we bought the house. I don't have a problem with moving the upper rack tines. They fold down flat underneath when needed to to accommodate larger items. Our six section flatware basket has enough space to hold all that my family can dirty up. I don't use the heated drying. It is a waste of energy to me. I just open the door when the wash cycle is done. Oh and no water spots either.
My husband's company was once owned by GE. It is no longer but we could still get a discount on appliances if we wanted to. We do not buy GE appliances of any kind. The quality is just not there. I agree with juliejoyce's dad...anything but a GE appliance. NancyLouise

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When I moved into my house I had a Bosch. I don't know the model number, but it was a complete piece of junk. It didn't clean anything and didn't dry correctly, and the capacity was terrible. The only plus was that it was quiet, but it was the only dishwasher I'd had in my life that never worked.

I replaced it with a GE two years ago. The model was very similar to the one you linked. It has worked very well for me. No problems in two years. It gets dishes clean and dry for the most part.

The model I have has a feature where you can put a whole bottle of detergent in the machine and it will dispense as needed. I find that feature very convenient.

Edit: The model I have is a GE Profile PDWT580VSS.

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I bought that exact GE DW in October from Sears. It leaked, and they replaced under warranty. It's quiet, and roomy. Cleans well so far, and I'm happy with it now. I found it for a great price,

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I bought a Bosch almost a year ago. I think it's 500 series, but SS and with hidden controls. I don't love it. It cleans very well, but I'm guessing all DWs do. I hate the Euro arrangement. I've learned how to place things inside, but it drives me crazy. It's not THAT quiet. The insides (stainless) retain too much moisture.

I miss my old low-end Kenmore. But it was very ugly and had to go. Although it had a drying function, I never ever used it, yet everything dried so well. Next time, I will consider layout first.

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I just replaced a g year old GE Profile with a Bosch 500. My dishes are so much cleaner. it holds so many more dishes. Love the third rack especially for knives. I would not buy the GE. The only GE appliance we've not had an issue with in our kitchen is the fridge. These were all the profile line.

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I think there must be a dividing line with Bosch models. I have an 800 series and it's fantastic - no issues with drying, holds a ton, and you can't hear it when it's running unless (and sometimes even if) you put you ear up against the front. In my previous rental, I had a GE Profile that held little and cleaned nothing (but it was fairly old, so I'm sure not comparable to current models).

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We have our second Bosch in 3 yrs. First went to our daughter when we remodeled the kitchen and went SS. Both are basic models. I don't want frills on appliances as they are what tend to require service. We have been pleased with both units.

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I have a 500 series bosch and love it.

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My Bosch cleans ok as long as I use Finish Powerballs. Otherwise it doesn't clean at all.

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Bosch recommends Finish detergent for all its DWs. There is a thread on the appliance forum right now about "gunk" in some Bosch dws. I also get the gunk but I don't find it to be an issue as it is so easy to clean and the cleaning performance for the DW is so awesome. Some are trying different detergents to see if that helps.

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Hmmm, they must have changed their recommendation in the past few years. My Bosch DW recommends Cascade and has it right on the top inside panel. Have been using Cascade and Jet Dry since I have had our Bosch. No gunk at all. NancyLouise

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Correction: My Bosch is a 300 series. Cleans super well and no gunk in filter, which is a good thing as I don't think I could live with the stuff being discussed in the Appliances thread.

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