Boston Terrier Update

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7February 11, 2012

The Boston Terrier I found on the street is doing well.

Last week after having her for about 3 weeks, I turned her over to an official foster mother, several hours away. Adoption papers have already been filled out by a family but I haven't heard an update. The rescue society had already scheduled an appointment for her to be spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped.

It was a hectic, trying couple weeks. But I loved her!

Mainly, I spent two weeks getting her to have solid stools, which was achieved right before the transfer, but the big thing that nearly traumatized me, was an eye problem.

The last weekend, her eye started looking bad. I really thought an insect had bit her after laying out in the grass for awhile. My two dogs have never had eye problems other than conjunctivitis.

After a few days, I took her to the vet- the day I was to do the transfer later in the day.

He said she needed surgery asap, she would lose the eye, it would rupture, she had a corneal ulcer, etc. I was in shock!

I left with four different eye meds.

I called my rescue contact (the main woman, not the foster mother) and after lots of back and forth on the phone, arrangements were made for the Boston to have surgery that afternoon. She had the surgery with a doggie ophthalmologist and is fine as of last I heard.

Having never worked with a rescue society before, I was really impressed with their thoroughness, officialness and willingness to fund the surgeries and everything else.

I did meet the foster mother (at the transfer) who was top notch.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Good to hear she is in good hands and got to have the surgery on her eye. Well done! She will find a good home. :)


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Good for you. A job well done. There should be more people like you. I have a 1/2 Boston. They're fun dogs. Mines a rescue too.

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Thank you for caring for a creature someone disposed of. You rock.

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I have some experience with the North Texas Humane Society. It is their pratice when receiving a pedigreed dog to call the local rescue arm of of that breed rescue. These organizations are careful about future owners and most are fostered to make sure there are not behavior problems, etc., and they nuter/spay the dog and usually microchip them.

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A good rescue group can work wonders. I've been blessed to adopt 4 dogs through a great rescue group, the lady running it is a gem.

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Good for you!!!!

That is the kind of thing folks can do to make a difference!

Getting involved is hard. But necessary.

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Thanks for the update. It's so good to know there are people out there, like you, who really care about the welfare of homeless dogs. Thank you for helping that sweet girl.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Here's a remarkable part: Call it karma, sowing and reaping, what goes around comes around, a providential God, etc.
but I spent right under $130 on vet bills. This was mostly meds and blood work, btw.

Last week, I got an email, unsolicited and a general type sent out from my vets office for 3 free packages of Frontline Plus for each of my "three" dogs. "Stray" was counted as one of my dogs.

I called the vets office to find out what the deal really was, they hadn't looked closely at the email but it was legit.

I printed out a coupon for each dog and went that afternoon to pick up 3 packages of 3 Frontline Plus for Extra Large Dogs totally free. I didn't get my wallet out.

This will last my two small dogs over two years at a savings of about $120 or more.

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