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pfmastinMarch 13, 2009

When we post our photos for the assignments, what would everyone think about posting some information about the photo? Maybe such as camera and/or lens used,location where the photo was taken, etc? It might instigate some sharing of techniques, equipment info, etc?

Or would that kill the spontaneity? Just thinkin'. :)


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pfmastin, you can download a program called Opanda IExif- it's freeware- and by right clicking on certain photographs you can see information about the camera they were taken with. For instance, that gorgeous picture of Konrad's Waxwing, I think it was, was taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. And it tells the date it was made, gives settings used, etc. Also that Minrose's duck picture was made with an Olympus Optical Co. LTD. Konrad and all, I hope you don't mind that I check. The program doesn't work on all photos. I think it has something to do with how much they are edited. Google Opanda and you will find the program.

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Konrad and all, I hope you don't mind that I check.

No, not at all...it seems, some photographers don't want them to see it?
There are programs where you can delete this.
Sometimes,.. if I send a picture to Steve's Digicams for photo of the day contest,
they want you to remove the exif info, this helps to decrease the file size.
Have never landed one picture yet.
I will put my gear into my page soon.


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I don't mind that you checked, it was actually my Olympus 3000 Digital camera, if you want to get technical. We used to do that awhile back when I visited more, I think it would be nice to know, if you can remember to do put it on is what my problem was.

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Including your camera(s) on your member profile seems like a nice solution. In addition, one could exchange thoughts with the individual, as far as settings,lenses,etc.,once you checked the member page for the camera type. The previously mentioned freeware is interesting also.

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Thanks for the information on the EXIF freeware. I'll look into that. I did post my camera on my page. I'll (try to remember to) add it to my posts and see how that goes. :)


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