Show me your (dirty! used!) chrome faucets!

Molly PhillipsFebruary 9, 2013

I was originally planning to reuse our current vibrant stainless Kohler faucet that came with the kitchen. I needed a new faucet for the prep sink, though, plus two soap dispensers, and when I started looking around I realized how much more stainless or brushed nickel was compared to chrome.

Now I've found a place to reuse that particular faucet if I need to. So, long story short, it almost comes out just as well for us budget-wise to buy all new faucets (and then I could have the style that's truly me anyway), soap dispensers and our water filter faucet in chrome, which I really think I prefer...but as pretty as they are, I wonder how they look when they are in use, and not all shiny and clean.

Do you dare to show us how your faucets look in real life?!?! This TKO person would appreciate it! I would especially love to see them with water spots, not dried after use, etc.

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I have owned many chrome faucets over the years and they .really don't seem to be a problem with water spots. I wipe them down when i'm done drying a dish now and then. Chrome really looks beautiful when its shiny.

Beware though, cheap chrome chips. The chrome will chip off especially at the end of the spout where you bump it with dishes, pots. In my experience you have to get a decent brand and pay enough so that doesn't happen. I wouldn't buy anything less than 125 or 150$. Jut my opinion. Good luck

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I've had the same solid-brass, chrome-plated, kitchen sink faucet for nearly three decades (I moved it from my old house to here 25 years ago).

It has finally sprung a pinhole leak on the faucet arm itself and I will be replacing that part, but keeping the faucet.

I'm never exactly sure what the issue is with spots or marks on a faucet since I never, ever, see them - I am puzzled when I read concerns about them. So my faucet must not get them, I guess. Maybe I'm just a crappy housekeeper with a high tolerance to spots. I doubt it, though, as my faucet always seems to shine brightly.

Does that answer your question?

I do occasionally (when I'm making a special effort at deep cleaning the kitchen, or when I'm in a snit and think that I need to retreat and do something more productive than arguing) take an old tooth brush and BKF and scrub around base of the faucet escutcheon and underneath the porcelain cross handles which can acquire a certain amount of invisible but dislodge-able crud. However, as a rule I just turn it on, use it, run my soapy dish washing brush over it and then rinse it (with full hot 140 F water) with the spray attachment along with the rest of the sink and deck when I finishing up the dishes. Then I let it air dry. End of maintenance.

It's also possible that ALL finishes will spot if your water chemistry is alkaline. Mine water is naturally soft, or "sweet" as the country folk say around here. (It comes from a shallow well built on top of a spring, underneath the floor of my mudroom.)

Mine's a no-name faucet that orginally came from Renovator's Supply; they don't affer anything like it these days. And I suspect that what they do offer may now be inferior Chinese stuff. I recollect that I paid about $125-150 in the 80's for it. I remember thinking it was a lot (and it was for me at the time). But I can't argue with the value I've gotten from it. I expect that I will have to pay nearly that much just to get the replacement arm part.

Now, I see on this forum that people pay upwards of a thousand dollars for a good-quality faucet. At that price and with the same rate of payback for a new faucet as I've gotten from my old one I'd have to expect to use it for another 125 years. I'm 62 so I think that's unlikely.



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Molly Phillips

Thanks tricia and liriodendron - that was my instinct (that they don't really look bad) but I've read stories on here that suggested otherwise so I thought I'd check. I didn't know if anyone had the guts to show a dirty kitchen!

We do have hard water, and even though it's filtered I still have to wipe my faucets more than usual. The chrome faucets I'm considering (Brizo Solna or Delta Trisnic) are very simple, though, and should be easier to clean than ones that have a lot of nooks and crannies. I'm kind of forced to go the more contemporary route so I'm glad I like that look anyway!

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I was interested that you mentioned a water filter faucet. Would you mind sharing what you are considering?

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Molly Phillips

This was the least expensive I've found in something that gets good reviews. I'm still searching for a little sleeker lines, however. We currently have a filter faucet in stainless and I really like it but can't tell what brand it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newport Brass Filtration Faucet

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