Miles and miles of Texas

rcnaylorMarch 24, 2008

One thing we have out here in this part of the country is a mostly tee-totally unobstructed view. This is about 20 miles from the point of interest.

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That's great!...Still allot of open space down there!
If it wasn't for the white cross, buildings and barb wire,
one could imagine it as a Mars scape! LOL

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Ha. Mars might be insulted. ;)

The next time I'm out in the country around here Konrad I'll take one that cuts out any barb wire, and buildings - or any other sign of civilization, its usually not too hard to do around here.

The funny thing is without some of those cues for the eye, its hard to "see" that we are talking about a shot where you can see 20 miles.

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Bet that makes for a long drive! Nice shots!


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Gorgeous country! One time DH and I were driving in MT, we talked about the little town up ahead that we could see. We drove and drove and drove...finally realized we were looking at Helena, which had to have been about 30 or 40 miles away!

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Its not quite Helena, Joan, but here's one of Amarillo from yesterday about 25 miles away on ridge in the Canadian River watershed NW of town.

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