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beekeeperswifeFebruary 22, 2013

As you may or may not know we built a new house. In a neighborhood. The lots are much more narrow than my old neighborhood, but it is very deep. Therefore the houses are a bit close together. The reason we don't have windows in our kitchen on the range wall is because I didn't want to look at whatever the view ended up being.

They broke ground next door about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday they started framing, today they were working on putting down the first floor, and started on the walls.

It was really loud.

I decided to cook, with the vent fan. Thought it would be fun to send the smells of cooking food their way. Had a burger on the George Foreman at lunch, vent fan on high (probably not really necessary to have 1200 cfm fan on for just a burger. Started my tomato sauce mid afternoon--lots of onions and garlic...yep, fan on.

This is going to be fun, until they get the house under roof and I'm out of things to cook during the day.

Just thought I'd share.


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How about simmering something yummy in the slow cooker for 8 hours ... place it near the range, turn the fan on! They will be drooling all day. Best part is you don't even have to be home!

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That's hilarious!

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Devlishly cruel. I love it. Perhaps you might want to bring them a treat one day.

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More funny vent stories: My dogs hover under the vent when I am frying bacon. My UPS driver asked me what I was cooking when I was making beef daube.

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realism...you are very kind. I brought the workers who built our house lots of treats--aka bribes! Those are different workers next door--different builder. I need to keep them all in a state of fear that I might snap at any moment, including the builder who has made their sloping yard into a flat yard at the expense of screwing with the drainage issues which will ultimately cause issues in MY yard. Hopefully the township will actually act upon my request that they keep their eye on the situation--not following the approved grading plan....

Sorry for the small rant. Now I need to plan this week's menu...so let's see, crock pot, ribs, beef daube, blt sandwiches (guess I am going to have to use the stove for the bacon--I've been baking that lately). Oh, of course Szechuan Beef in the wok...


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My SIL used to own a cookie store in downtown Carmel, CA and she would use a fan to blow the smell of cookies baking out to the sidewalk. It would really bring in the customers. You might try cookies or chocolate cake to drive them crazy. Then you could deliver them to the township to make sure they are following up on the drainage issues.

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But if you are nice to them and need a quick little repair around the house they might come in and do it for you!

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I sympathize with you Bee. That's why I wont live in a neighborhood again.

Cinnamon rolls.

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