New York City

socksMarch 13, 2007

My friend is on assignment in NYC, and she sent this shot of Central Park taken from an office window.

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Beautiful! I always wondered what Central Park looked like. I have heard a lot about it but had no idea how pretty it is.


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great shot of the skyline. I don't know if I would want to be up that high! I see they still have some snow there! We just got rid of ours this week, thanks to an unusual few warm days.(Chicago area)

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Great picture....we were there in December but there was no snow.
We are going back in May so I will take lots of pics to share. Our new grandson lives in Manhattan with his parents....not far from Central Park.

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What a neat shot, it looks like a very big park.

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Great shot & dead on center!


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wow, what a great place to take photos from! She did a great job.

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Central Park is one of the Great American Spaces. It's huge, beautiful, perfectly planned out by Olmsted, and used by millions of people for a wide variety of activities. My brother in law lived in Manhattan and we always visited the park when we were there.

Actually, I don't think there's a formal list of great American spaces, but there should be. Might be a good topic for a posting...
Central Park.
Grand Canyon.
Chicago - where the big fountain is by the lake.
Las Vegas strip - whether you think it's ugly or beautiful, you can't deny that it's a gathering place for America.
Probably Times Square.
New Orleans - once and future, hopefully.

What else?

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Excellent picture! NYC is my hometown, but I've lived in the country for a long time now. I look at that shot and think that Central Park is the only part that makes any sense. :-)

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Wow, that is an excellent area shot...

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