'Focus' On The Shoe!

juanitalMarch 23, 2007


I was at 4-way intersection when I happen to look up...There on the wires above was a shoe hanging, so I grabbed my ever so handy camera and snapped until signal changed...It was set against an overcast sky and was so very plain...so I played with it in picaso and irfanview...

Olympus SP-510UZ

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Hey, pretty cool. I think I'll take my camera along with me too! I just don't want anyone to see it. I'll have to keep it covered when not in use.

That shoe was really cool. Ya never know when a pic is gonna hit ya.


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Hey, this is very creative! Love the pinks.

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Thanks, Star and Joan...99.9 3/4% of the time I carry camera...You neveer know when that moment will be there...:)

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in canada, shoes over electricale wires means a street gang is close by.

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I hope not that this is what it means, here. I haven't heard of any in the small community...but there are gangs in Youngstown-OH & Pittburgh-PA, about 35-40 miles in either direction from this location...

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