don't know what this is called...'mask' ??

craftycMarch 7, 2011

and not even sure I can describe what I want to do:(bear with me!!)

Vacation photos...want to create a slide show.

Want to have an empty area in the shape of Alaska to fill with photo. Black background outside the shape. Is this called a mask, and if so, where does an amateur find one to use??? I hope I've explained this enough for someone to understand! Know I will probably have to put it into a print program of some sort and then arrange the photo behind it, right? thank you for any help, suggestions, comments, advice and guidance! (Novice photographer here, but think I can put together a slide show of photos!)

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Maybe "frame with background". I don't know if PowerPoint has custom frames. You might need different software. You'd compose the picture with frame in software of your choice, save the image files, and then import the images into PowerPoint.

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you can join a yahoo groupe and download a tutorital on mask and frames I have learned alot.
I have paintshop and photoshop both are good for making frames and border with mask

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I downloaded a dingbat font called GeoBats (free from DaFont)

In my image editor I made the Alaska character big enough to fill a 4x6 at 300 dpi.

I then filled the area with a picture to get this result:

Is that kind of what you are tying to do?

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you can also download stars 1 and 2 fonts they are really beautiful
another great fonts is hole i use it often on my graphics
in winter there is snowdrift which is cute

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