Care to make a guess

janepaMarch 23, 2010

Be careful, they look sharp.


Does it like the water, does it float or ride a boat?

Does it prickle, does it tickle, can it pierce your ear or jab your nose?


? ***********?????*************??

? *?? *?? **********????? *******?????

? **************????********???****************????


Can you use it to scrub your floors or brush the dog or the cat? Or wake someone up from a long winter nap?

? ******* ? *********** ? ******* ? **** ? ?

? ** ? ***** ? ******** ? ******* ? *******

? ************** ? **************? ******** ?*****

Or imagine seeing it through the eyes of a child

as she gets her first peak

at this cute little fellow

my husband found this week.

Oh my, what is it, did you take a guess, did you figure out that it might be a

*** W O O L L Y -- B E A R -- C A T E R P I L L A R ***

at his photogenic best?

My husband is really having fun with his Christmas present.

Thanks for letting us share our little friend.


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Great photo!

I had NO idea what it was by looking at the first two macros.



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Thank you Kt.

My husband sees some interesting shots that I can overlook. When he first showed me the first & second views I had no idea what it was, either. I think the 'wooly caterpillars' wool we usually see has more of a dense look, but maybe it would look like this if seen in a very close-up photo. This one looks like it crawled through some of my garden clean-up.

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