BM Putnam Ivory

janine09March 16, 2009

Does anyone have experience with this shade--pros and cons? How does it work with other shades, does it run yellow or green?

We are considering it in a family room which is connected to the livign room (currently in BM Windham Cream). Room gets alot of natural light.

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My kitchen must have a weird combination of colors ( counter, floor, cabinets, back splash ) but it looked very fleshy/orange to me. IIRC, someone else described it as a flesh colored bandaid.

Good luck finding the right color. My kitchen is still not repainted.

Linda ( aka MaiLynn

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Here are some pics of my living room in Putnam Ivory. I also get a lot of natural light in this room and have never seen it turn fleshy or orangy. It has worked well for us. Excuse the living room, it is in transition.

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donna, I can and will not excuse your living room because it's gorgeous! It's architecturally beautiful and I love your choice of colors and patterns. The dogs, of course, add the final touch of warmth and class. I'd love to see more of your home, this has been such a treat.

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Thank you Ingrid. Our home is 100 years old and the big molding and trim is one of the things we love about it. I just recently rearranged the furniture. The piano moved in to this room after we got it out of storage. The couch was on the wall under the picture of my children and there was also a blue matching chair that had to move out because it was too crowded. The rug is not a favorite, but will have to do for now. I always thought the room looked too "blue", so I recently bought the pillows on the couch from pottery barn and I like the way they look. The bookshelf and mantle are bare because everything was packed up due to a major kitchen reno, so I am slowly getting things unpacked, and trying to rearrange things as I go. Sorry to hijack this thread.

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Thanks Donna. Your LR is lovely. I actually love the blue--it adds weight and depth. And those doggies!!

The Putnam looks great in your room, but seems to run a bit yellow maybe? I'm only noticing since quite a few rooms in our house are yellow, so maybe it'll be overkill. On the other hand, maybe this is supposed to be a good thing for flow.

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Thanks Janine. Could be my camera, it's not the best, but to me the Putnam ivory runs a tad green. I've never got a yellow vibe from it.

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