Wow, look what we're missing in Minnesota!

joanmnMarch 6, 2007

NOT. My friend, Nora, sent pictures of our house with the snow from the last week.

Southern view. Our bedroom windows are the closest ones, so we'd be seeing a whole lot of white from them!

Closer view of our deck. Glad it will be melted by the time we go home.

And the eastern view of our house, garage, RV, van, trailer.


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Neat pics Joan.

I can't imagine why you aren't rushing back from warm, sunny Florida to, uh - oh, I don't know, make some snow angels are something. ;)

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Oh I remember those days in Minnesota...
. .
. .
And that's why I live in Orlando now!

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Beautiful!!!!, but TOOOO cold for me.


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Wow, just beautiful!
Why couldn't snow just be warm?!

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Nice pictures,,,but hey...I've been looking at that stuff for the past several weeks out of my own window!!!That's what I get for living in the chicago area i guess!

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Lucky you!! I have had it up to here---- with that stuff and getting more today. YUK...

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