What do you use to trim nails?

oregpsnowFebruary 1, 2012

I have tried every nail trimmer they have at the pet stores. Some shred the nail. Some have that shield-thingy that will only let you put in the very tip of the nail. Some are too big for my small cat. Am I missing something? Is there a secret to this I haven't heard about?

I need something that works fast. I can only get her to allow them to be trimmed when I hold her in one arm and use the other hand to cut the nail.

She sits/sleeps on me a lot so I need her nails to be short.


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I use ordinary, cheap people nail clippers for my cat's nails, and a dremel for the dogs.

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I lost my little kitty nail trimmers a long while back, so just started using the larger clippers that we had for our labrador retriever. The large clippers work very well on cats (IMO) if you haven't tried them. I think I can see what I'm doing a little better, and the leverage and cutting is great.

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The "toenail" clippers you find at any dollar store work well for my cats.

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I use clippers that look like the attached link. I used to use people clippers but these work so much better for me. I don't get the splitting I used to because they are really sharp and wrap around the nail. I found them easier to use because I can see for sure how much nail I'm trimming off. The downside is that my cats recognize them and they run if they see me taking them out - lol

Here is a link that might be useful: nothing fancy but they work!

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