full depth fridge 'built in look' next to cabinet run

razamatazzyFebruary 28, 2010

I found and purchased a Full depth FD fridge this weekend. It was a great price on clearance. I thought walking into the store I was set on full depth (for the extra space it provided), and the fridge would be next to a run of base cabinets but if there were panels around the fridge, it would look ok if it protruded beyond the base cabinets. I don't have the option of recessing it into the wall since the dining room is on the other side of the wall. I may be able to recess the plug and water supply but thats about it. I am not sure about pulling the 24" base cabinets out from the wall either. That will reduce the aisle width to the island. Does anyone have a pic of a Full Depth fridge (not recessed) next to a row of 24" lower cabinets with panels built around it? I am wondering if I need to cancel the order (its not delivered yet) and get a counter depth. The fridge is 31 1/2" deep. Here is a sample layout the tall narrow cabinet on the right is really just an end panel

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Here's a couple options.
Pull the drywall put 1/2" ply to line the opening and it's now 28 1/2". Pull the cabs 4" forward with very usefull added counter space.
Do the same recess and add a 2x4 and 1/2" drywall run the length of the wall to the left as needed to bring that section forward.
Build the end panel you have to the right of the frig into an 8" end wall. Rotate the frig on an angle so the left side meets the counter depth pulled out to 26" and the rear right corner is recessed in the new wall. The left side trim panel can run straight back on that side.
Add up the costs and see how it compares with this $5700 Liebherr FD.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liebherr 36

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You can recess it into the wall studs without having to protrude into the dining room. That will gain you about 3-4 inches. Also recess the plug into the side stud. That's what I did with my fridge and I was able to use 26" fridge panels and 24" base cabinets.

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I'm going to be recessing into the foyer: asked the electrician to recess plug on the side -- but he's going to talk to the cabinet maker about making space to put the plugspace in the cabinet above the frig. Haven't heard about anyone doing that before, but guess he's done it --

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I may have a picture of this by week's end. Our cabinets should be installed by then, and hopefully our appliances delivered as well. We didn't have the option of recessing at all because there are bathrooms behind the fridge wall, so ours will stick out about as far as possible. Actually even further (31.5"), because we put hinges on the end panel to the right of the fridge to be able to use the extra space in it (it covers the cold air return which comes out 28").

Feel free to e-mail me from my page if I don't get back to you. It is going to be a busy week for us!

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Here is a photo of the kitchen in our previous home. The kitchen cabinetry was done by the previous owners, so I'm not certain of exact measurements. However, looking at the photo, it seems the base cabs are standard 24'' deep based on how they look compared to the range. The refrigerator was not recessed into a wall at all...just sitting there. We had a tall pantry space on the left of the refrigerator and there was a wall to the right of the run instead of a cabinetry panel, but it should give an idea of how much farther the cabinets stuck out compared to the counter top. Hope it helps. Good luck! Plans look great!

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Thanks for all the great ideas. Marcy96, thanks for the pics. Your fridge, cabinets and panel looks great. How deep is your fridge? Dan1888 thanks for the details on how one brings the cabinets forward. I will talk to my GC about these ideas. I am usually not a compulsive shopper but decided I could not pass this one up. Cali Wendy thanks for your pics too.

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