'Gooey' stuffing

arlinekNovember 25, 2011

I made my usual stuffing yesterday and for the 2nd time it came out rather gooey instead of more dry and I'm wondering why, but may have an answer? I mini chopped the usual heavy dose of mushrooms, celery & onions - but maybe a little too minced-like, not diced. Sauteed the celery and onions for 5 min., then added the mushrooms and continued till nicely softened in butter. Took Mrs. Cubbisons seasoned bread crumbs and poured over that a can of chicken broth and goodly amt. of melted butter and stirred all together, then added the sauteed veggies and baked for 45 min. in a ceramic 9 X 11 pan. Top was crusty but below that it was quite soft and mushy. Is the mistake mincing the veggies instead of dicing or perhaps adding too much butter and broth? I thought it wasn't too wet at all when putting it in the roasting pan. Any suggestions? I would like it about 30% less moist; perhaps the obvious ans. is that I added too much liquid (butter and broth) despite it not appearing so when I assembled it.

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At first I thought you might have followed my mother-in-laws horrible recipe (ripped hunks of dried white bread, onions, salt and pepper, cooking oil and water), which could have been used for paste, except paste would probably taste better....

As you have already concluded, the ratio of ingredients, moist to dry, was probably off a bit as well as the finely-chopped veggies giving off even more moisture than if they were a larger dice. You may also find a difference if you use bread cubes instead of the crumbs.

Personally, I saute my veggies in a small amount of oil and that's all the fat I add. I would think 1/4-1/3 c. of butter per 4-cups of seasoned bread mixture would be enough, and then only add enough broth to moisten it.


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There are many waty to fix the problem....one being cook it loonger and another add fewer veggies....or cok the veggies longer.
Perhaps your celery was juicer of youronion larger? Did you soak the mushrooms so they picked up water?
With any cooking, a recipe is just a guide....you have to go by a certain amount of "feel" in anything.....especially when cooking with vegetables.
Linda C

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Try adding the bread crumbs just before serving.


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Onions, celery and mushrooms all have a lot of moisture that doesn't all cook out just with sauteing. So, when you add a whole can of broth and quite a bit of butter, you're overdoing the moisture. A can of broth for a 9x 13 plus the butter sounds like a very lot. Next time try cutting that can in half and the butter in half. It might seem a little dry to you as you mix it but give it a chance and bake it. After it bakes for half the time check it for moisture and if it seems terribly dry you can pour some of the broth over it at that point.

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