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Q: What is spinosad?

Spinosad is a member of the class of antiparasitics, the spinosyns, which are novel members of a chemical class of tetracyclic macrolides. The spinosyns were identified as products of the naturally occurring bacterium Saccharopolyspora spinosa, an aerobic, non-antibiotic actinomycete.

I am still not clear, is spinosad, the ingredient in comfortis, an insecticide or a bacterium?

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Think of penicillin. Penicillin is the antibiotic just as Spinosad is the insecticide. Penicillin is derived from a metabolite of a type of penicillium chrysogenum fungus. Spinosad is derived from a metabolite of Saccharopolyspora bacterium.

Spinosad is is the active ingredient with insecticidal properties, and Saccharopolyspora is the bacterium from which it is derived. It's not the bacteria, but the metabolites used to produce the end product. Just like we don't take the fungus penicillium to cure an infection, but the products that fungus emits as a metabolite is used to make penicillin.

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