Wagon from Twenty Mule Team- Borax

carol_in_californiaMarch 17, 2007

We were in Death Valley National Park recently and visited this historical site....a borate mining operation using mules and these wagons to haul borate from DV to Mojave.

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Neat. It looks big and heavy, so it's easy to see why 20 mules were needed. I'm hoping to go to DV in November.

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Cool! That does look heavy...How far away was mohave? Probably wasn't too bad on beautiful days like you captured here...

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Those poor mules and the teamsters driving them had to go 165 miles over some of the most inhospitable country in California to get the borate from Harmony Mines to the Mojave railroad station.

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This is a lovely picture!
It looks like very solid build!..well it had to be, 165 miles
day after day.

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