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jaackaMarch 20, 2008

I may be in the market for a new camera after I dropped my Sony Cybershot H5 a few weeks ago and it may end up costing more to repair it than I want to pay (I was hoping to get a new camera this summer anyway). A local camera store is featuring the Nikon D40 right now, and I'm eyeing it! My photography skills are improving, I was just really figuring out the manual and ISO modes on my Sony when it broke. I do a lot of outdoor landscape type photography, pics of the kids, and tons of Macro.

So does anybody have experience with this Nikon? Will it be a good investment? Can you add other lenses if needed (like zoom lenses or wideshot)? I've heard the SLR is a must have, but I don't really know why? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!! TIA!

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ALSO.... I just read that it has no way to change the ISO settings? On my Sony, I had a dial at the top and another on the front that made it SO easy and convenient to change all the settings. Will I regret not having these? I used them ALL the time! The only thing I didn't like about my Sony was the shutter lag and how long it took to charge the flash between pictures when I used it (like 30 seconds, at least). Is the Nikon better than this?

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Firstly, Im sorry to hear about your Sony...I used its "big brother" the h7 til I got my SLR, and they are great cameras. It gave me a great launching pad into learning my Rebel XTi's manual controls and such.

From what I have read on other forums, the D40 is a good camera for the price. Im not sure what the price is at your camera store, but I read on another forum that a refurbed on can be attained for $400 or so.

I don't know where you read that about the ISO, but that sounds completely absurd. I cant call it untrue, but it is very unlikely. You can get a variety of lenses for the d40 depending on the application you want it for, although I have heard that some of them won't autofocus because the d40 lacks an internal drive focus motor.

I would reccomend you head over to the link listed here. Its a good site for camera reviews.

And is a DSLR a must have....nah. Won't make ya a better photographer....I'm proof of It does however let you have tons more creativity with your shots! :)

Anyway, let us know what you decide, and be sure to post some pics if/when you get your new toy! :)


p.s. 30 sec flash recharge time??? Something was wrong with the camera anyway....

Here is a link that might be useful: Nikon d40

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What you read is incorrect, you can change the ISO setting on D40. You just have go through several menus to get there, pretty annoying (non)feature for a DSLR. Most Photogs what dedicated button for instant access to the ISO settings.

There are some limitations on the D40. It will only use a certain line of lenses, not cool in my book.

The D40 is a decent camera by Nikon, I personally would not pay $400 for this camera- too many limitations set by Nikon to keep it an 'amateur'. I would recommend the Canon XT (300D) or Olympus E500. Same price range and (my opinion) better cameras.


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I got one not long ago (Jan)...I had been using P&S for the last few years and gotten the hang of settings to where I knew I was ready...

It's a nice little camera for beginng dslr usual though you have to get to know how it works thoughyou may understand how to use Iso-wb, etc...You can pull the screen up in the back to change settings without having to go into the menu camera settings...Yes you can add lens, and true some wont auto focus with it having no internal motor but just look for ones the do if it makes a difference to you....But for me as soon as I got around it I felt I was ready for a further advanced one so I got the D300...that too is a wonderful cam...I had to convince myself for the price but I figured I would be unhappy with just D40 being a begginer cam...I'm not sorry at all for either choice-both nice cam's...and if you choose d40 you'll be happy...especially after a p&s...dslr shutter lag is nearly nil compared to them...I only chose it cuz it ws the 1st one I tried and fell in love with...I heard and read lotsa good stuff about Olympus E 500-510-Canon's XTI, comparably affordable to the d40...I think they are like begginner ones...someone can add on to that cuz I'm not 100% sure...If I had my way I'd take one of each but had to make a dedicated choice to build a system on....


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Can't say much about Nikon's camera since I never owned one. I do however, once owned the Canon XT and now the Canon 40D. Both are Digital SLR cameras (DSLR).

The reason I stick with Canon is not only for its quality but also for its interchangeable lens. Lens can be expensive to invest. With Canon, I don't mind investing in their lens knowing that when I upgrade the camera body, the same lens would fit. I have an old EF zoom lens that I purchased in the mid 80's and it still work well with the Canon XT and 40D.

As for DSLR a "must have", well, it depends what you're shooting at. If you have kids and/or shoot for sports, you should consider a DSLR. Once you press the shutter button, it's an instant shot. You won't lose that "kodak moment" when your child make that funny face as you would with the slow shutter lag (delay) of a point and shoot digital camera (digicam). DSLR also has continous shooting for sport events or quick actions.

The only cons about a DSLR is they're big and bulky which may be an inconvenient for traveling. Then again, once you use it, you seem not to mind dragging it everywhere you go. Also, it doesn't do video clip. Though, I have an inexpensive point-n-shoot to do just that.

If you're a serious photographer that want to learn further about photography, then, I strongly recommend purchasing a DSLR.

Have fun with your purchase!


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