Dogs mounting our non-submissive dog

erinmnFebruary 22, 2011

I have a fairly strange question and can't get a decent answer on the interwebs. We adopted a dog in November; he's an aussie mix of some sort. At the time, he had a botched neuter in which a vessel continued to bleed into his scrotum, so the scrotum was removed in a subsequent surgery.

Every single time we take him to the offleash park, dogs are trying to mount him. He hates it and bares his teeth and growls and whips around, but they follow and pester him and drive him nuts. If he were to take it, I'd see why they persist, but he never does. Owners have told me their dogs have never acted like this before, and it's not the same dogs and it happens every bloody time.

Anybody have any ideas? Could it have something to do with the neutering and how that was pretty extensive? Lots of dogs are spending lots of time sniffing back there. It's getting to the point he's not enjoying himself at the dog park! We don't have a fenced in yard and he likes to run so the park is important since he's otherwise always on a leash for his walks and we're not nearly fast enough for him! He's about 3 or 4, very friendly and loves humans and actually goes to the humans at the dog park to get petted rather than seek out playmates. But sometimes a smaller dog will just run with him and he likes that.

Help our irresistable Mr. Watson please!

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It sounds like something smells different back there, maybe an infection;
I'd get the vet to check.

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Once you get him checked out at the vets, you might try adding a drop of male dog urine on his fur back can buy the urine on might help. Im offering no guarantees but would like to know if you do try it if it does help.

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If the vet finds nothing wrong, then perhaps give it some more time. His surgery wasn't all that long ago. Maybe there is something/smell left over back there that makes the other dogs want to prove their dominance. Also, it could be that your dog IS the submissive one and thats why he gets mounted, and maybe he just isn't comfortable with that yet. Growling and baring teeth isn't always a sign of dominance, it is often fear.

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My dog gets mounted all the time from my daughters' neutered male dog! Our dog is a spayed female but everytime they play he mounts her and she doesn't growl but she does tire of it and struggles to get away. Finally, when my daughter brings her dog over we yell at her dog to "quit" and he does. It's almost as if it is habit with the two of them so "breaking the habit" seems to be working. They are each wonderful dogs and at first, we all just ignored them but I think this is working.

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