Cat asthma when is it time to let go?

lovemyninaFebruary 14, 2012

My wonderful full of life cat Nina is 4 years old. When we got her at the shelter she immediately showed signs of pneumonia which they promptly treated. After a year one day we saw her gasping for air, took her to the vet who diagnosed her with asthma. We have the inhalers albuterol ad flovent and the chamber. Ever since she had this terrible attack really nothing has helped she has asthma attacks several times a day no matter what meds we give her and how pure we have made the air. She has lost weight and usually hides all day. I just dont know if she is suffering too much and if its time to let her suffering end. Does anyone with a cat with asthma know what to do or if I should make that ultimate decision for her and put her to a better place? I really dont want to let her go but I love her and I dont want her to suffer.

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I personally would never make that final, irreversible decision based on a single vet's diagnosis ... esp. with a cat as young as yours. I would want a second opinion, preferably from a veterinary pulmonologist (assuming there is such a specialty). Is there any way you can get your girl to a university veterinary clinic for evaluation? That's where you'll find the specialists and specialized diagnostic equipment that can accurately diagnose most diseases and provide the most current treatment options. I would imagine that there are other diseases and conditions that mimic asthma, so it's possible that your girl's current treatments haven't been working because she may have something other than asthma ... or perhaps even in addition to it.

If she were my girl, I'd try to get her to a university clinic, if possible, and then make a decision based on their findings.


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Totally agree with laurief. I would find a specialist or make the trip to a university clinic. She may have something that's easily treatable if it's diagnosed correctly. It could be any number of things........even fluid on the lungs can cause the symptoms you're seeing.

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Before the asthma got so bad to become an emergency NIna had a series of respiratory infections all that were treated successfully with antibiotics. At first the vet and I thought it was a herpes virus in the lungs, tried lysine with no better effect, She then had the bad asthma attack and we took her to a different ER vet who preformed X-rays which revealed doughnuts and severe inflammation of her aveoli. Additionally, she responded to albuterol and inject able steroids along with the O2 chamber at the vet, which pretty much confirmed that diagnoses. Everything else on the X Ray was beautiful, heart liver she is in perfect health besides that. We started with oral prednilisone (sp?) and she instantly contracted a URI which was again successfully treated with antibiotics the vet and I guessed it was due to poor immune response because of the steroids. It has been remarkably worse since the ER visit she coughed like this before but not as much at all since. I am lucky to live in Colorado close the Colorado University that has a wonderful veterinary program I will give them a call!

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Our asthma kitty was on injected steroids for years, until they caused diabetes. She is now on Aminophylline, a 1/4 tab twice daily when she has symptoms. It works really well for her and if you have not tried it before, maybe it will work for your Nina. Good luck and best wishes!!

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