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pinkpetuniaMarch 22, 2008

Hi there! We are moving into a new house which has double front doors. I love wreaths on the front door and like to change them often. Smith and Hawken has really pretty ones and I am excited to move in and start decorating the new house. I have one question---

With double front doors, do I need TWO matching wreaths-one for each door? I have been looking around and it seems like two would be necessary for it to look symmetrical. I have also seen some put one wreath only on the door that gets used, but I am thinking that this look would bother me.

Does anybody know the general rule on that? One wreath or one on each front door???

Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

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I don't think there is a rule, but I would go with two for sure. Sounds lovely!

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I'm not sure there is a rule, but I have two front doors and I have a wreath on both. I see that a lot in my neighborhood, and it looks nice.congrats on your new home!

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There is a large victorian mansion in our town that went another direction. They took a huge wreath and cut it in half then put each wreath side on each door...when its closed, its one whole wreath.

(wow...didnt mean for that to sound so confusing)
Its quite lovely with the spring flowers all over it. I imagine they did it so they could open both doors.

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On my double doors, I do 2 matching treatments.

I picked up some of those cones with the flat backside at Hobby lobby. I change out my floral stuff in those for the seasons. I have 2 moss bunnies on my door now - with a cute little ribbon. Then I will get my cones and put some daisies in it for summer. Mums or something for fall. Poinsettias for winter/Christmas, etc.

There is a great little floral shop here but they want like $150 per arrangement!! I am way too cheap:)


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One large wreath cut in half that "splits" to open the door.

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Okay, so it sounds like I'll go with what seemed right--one matching wreath on each door.

Johnatemp ~~ Those 2 bunnies sound adorable!

I wish I could see pictures of everyone's door decor!!!

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Not to hi-jack this thread, but how do you hang your wreath's, with an over the door hanger, those 3M products or do you put a nail in the door (ouch)!! Thanks, something I'll need to know down the road.

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I love putting a wreath on each door. I've seen the half wreath on each door...and that looks great too. I've just never done it.

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brutuses, I put the nail (actually, a flat-topped tack) into the top of the door. Just loop the fishing line around the tack and no one is the wiser. And the door closes nicely too.

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I put these on my double doors last fall. They are sort of what Johnatemp described, flat back metal cones. For some reason I prefer something other than a round wreath on a double door. I added red berries to it for Christmas. Now for summer I'm trying to decide if I want some summer flowers mixed in or if I want something different. I've sorta been looking for 2 flat wall baskets that could hold some summer flowers rather than the cones.

I can't use over the door hangers because my doors are very tall and the hanger is too high. They are also fiberglass so no nails. I used some of the 3M stick on hooks and they've stayed great so far. They've been up there about 9 months.

I do like matching treatments though. I've never seen the split wreath, that sounds kinda interesting. Does anybody have any pics of that?

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The post above is just lovely!

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Mimi, that looks just lovely. I've seen some darling baskets in decor photos on front doors with flowers. Good luck in finding what you want.


Johnatemp, c'mon, we all wanna see a pic of your bunnies. They sound adorable. :)

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Brutuses, I'm like you - "ouch" on the nails. I've used the 3M stick on hooks for several years and they have always have worked for me.

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Mimi ---- GORGEOUS GORGEOUS and even more Gorgeous!! Just wonderful doors -- and even more elegant displays!


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I've used those over-the-door hangers, and yes they are usually too short for the door. So, I buy a length of ribbon that coordinates with the wreath and hang the wreath by the ribbon down to the proper height. It actually adds a nice touch to the wreath--I make a bow and place the bow at the top. I also use a piece of wire to "really" hang the wreath from the door hanger, but the ribbon covers it and it looks like I am just hanging the wreath by the ribbon.
I don't have a pic of the wreath on the door (because we are moving next weekend and everything is not in it's place), but imagine this wreath hung on the front door from a metal over-the-door hanger. You can't even see the wire that is behind the ribbon. I buy rolls of various colored ribbon from Michael's.

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