can I freeze fried green tomatoes?

gellchomNovember 22, 2010

I'd love to bread and fry (or "oven fry") that last pile of green tomatoes and then freeze them. Will that work okay? If so, then what, when I want to serve them? Or do I have to freeze them uncooked?

Thanks in advance, friends.

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I have never frozen any, but I have seen battered uncooked frozen green tomatoes at a locally owned vegetable stand.

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I would do a trial run and slice the tomatoes thick enough. I think the problem is going to be the liquid in the tomato will turn to mush after freezing. But you could always try just a few slices, fry, drain well, cool, package well and freeze. Then take them out in a couple of weeks, and bake or pan fry to thaw and heat?


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I freeze them raw, sliced and unbreaded. I dip them in the egg wash and batter them while they are still frozen, and fry them that way.

Thawing the slices before battering them is a mushy mess, but frying those frozen slices results in lovely crispy slices of green tomatoes.


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