Memory Stick C:13:10

koda04March 17, 2006

C:13:10 -- thats an error message i got when i put in the memory stick

what does that mean?

is the stick no good?

and i did try the sony web site but it is much to difficult to navigate for my simple brain and it wont even recognize my camera type!

so i was really hoping for some help here!


oh and yes, the little tiny switch in the back in ON

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I've seen C:13:01 Error. Sounds like formating the disc will fix the problem. Your camera manual should have the steps on this procedure.


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thanks eric, i tried to do that and i still got the error message, but thank you for taking the time to help

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This person said to format on your computer, not in your camera.

Here is a link that might be useful: C:13:01 Problem

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Curious on how it worked, Koda04? Would you mind letting us know in case someone else here may experience the same problem? juanital

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Hi I have a PSC-P52. My camera dropped and then it gave the C:13:01 error. I turn off the camera, take off the memory stick and the batteries. Using a card reader I recovered the pics on a pc (so the memory was working right)

Then I put the lock option on the memory stick and that's all! The memory stick was read on the camera and then i turned off the camara and set off the lock option.


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