doggone ramble...five pics

summerwineMarch 16, 2009

so i'm thinkin' i should stop wondering why people do the things they do, there's just no good answer

...sister di and her daughter and daughter's friend were at the local walmart, upon returning to the car they heard yapping, looking around they spied a tall-enough-so-it-coudln't-jump-out cardboard box, looking inside they saw this


she's a sheltie mix, young enough to have all her Very Sharp teeth still, she's very sweet and she was here for a little over a week...last night she went to another friend of my niece's with the provision that if she doesn't work out she can be returned

about two months ago sister di brought another dog home, this one was to be a playmate for beau since she gave his sister away (overprotectiveness made her attack four people and sister didn't want to put her down and the woman who took her wanted her for herself but the dog bonded with her father, who thinks the dog is the best christmas present he's ever received) anyway, that's how concho came to be here -- he's a catahoula leopard dog, he's very affectionate, and Very Solid -- when he gets goofy and starts swinging his head around, look out! it's like bein' hit with a sledge hammer


if you don't throw the stick/ball/whatever right away maddie starts leapin' and bouncin' so i held the camera out and just kept shootin' hoping i'd get something decent


was shootin' beau that day too but all the pics of him either maddie's in the way, or they're of his back or just plain blurry--the background is wonderfully in focus tho! i'm gonna keep tryin' to get good ones of beau, he's sooooo handsome, in the meantime, this pic shows how big he is...with my dad, who's gonna be 89 next week


let's not forget teddy bear curbie!

curbie Loves snow...




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All the dogs are beautiful! I enjoyed your pictures.

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wonderful shots, Liannie. So the people just put the dog in your sister's car? Strange.

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All pretty dogs.

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Lianne, those are great!! I especially love the shot of Maddie. You captured all that exuberance! But dog #1 is wonderful, too. Would you say a sheltie-beagle mix? Those eyes!

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