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lucymarieFebruary 6, 2006


I took my rescued Cocker Spaniel to the vet last week

for a routine check-up.

The vet did blood work and it was discovered that he

was in renal failure.

My dogs age could be anywhere between 10-14 years old,

not sure because he was passed from owner to owner.

The vet gave him IV fluids and told me to take him home,

say my good byes and to call him later in the week.

He did say to make sure he drinks water and to feed him whatever he'll eat.

I know all vets are different.

I'm not into bashing this vet,

I'd rather concentrate on helping my dog.

It did upset me alot but

it got me to surfing the web,

looking for other options/information and forums.

I did learn that there is more info on cats with this problem than with dogs.

I'm starting this thread to see if anyone else has

had a dog with renal failure and what they have learned.

I had hope there would be a way to control it with diet.

Any advice from anyone's experience is appreciated.

I am taking him in for a second opinion.



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Lucy, all cases are different but in our situation the outcome was not good. Our baby was 13 yrs old when she started experiencing some minor heart and kidney problems.
Over 10 months we saw her fading somewhat but she was still enjoying life even though she wasn't as active as she had been. Her heart medications affected her kidneys and she went into a crisis situation. She was then placed on meds for the kidneys and we were given a list of foods to feed her. We were told it was extremely important that she drink and eat, but over the next day or so it was obvious she was ready to leave us. She wouldn't eat or drink. She was in no pain and slept most of the days and nights so we let her determine when it was time. She died peacefully in her sleep of renal failure.
What symptoms is your dog exhibiting? Maybe it's just the beginning and he still has some quality time left. We had an extra 10 months with our furbaby after we learned of the kidney problems.

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I'm doing renal pathology in school now (weird how this forum seems to correlate to what I'm studying).

If you're interested in trying dietary management of renal failure, you're going to need some specific information and a cooperative vet. You can have the urine protein to creatinine ratio measured at a lab to see how serious the renal failure is now. Sometimes renal disease localizes into just the glomeruli or just the tubules, and you use different diets for each. For glomeruli problems, the body has trouble excreting protien, so lower protein diets are recommended. You still need to supply adequate calories, so most renal diets have higher fat content, which also helps with palatability. If the problem includes the tubules, the body loses protein, so you need to use a diet higher in protein to make up for this loss.

The most important thing is hydration though. With renal failure, the kidneys lose their ability to concentrate urine, so water is lost from the body. Unfortunately, when water is lost, it decreases the ability of the kidneys to function properly, and further damages them, starting a vicious cycle of dehydration, further damage, further dehydration...

If your dog will eat canned food, that will help supplement whatever he's drinking. You can learn to do SQ fluids at home too. Animals in renal failure cannot possibly drink enough water to make up for what the kidneys are losing, so it really becomes important to supplement the water as much as possible. Unless your dog has heart problems too, which opens up an whole new can of worms.

How long was your dog on IV fluids? Was his bloodwork done after the IV fluids to recheck the BUN and creatinine? Did those values change? Have any other tests been done? I'm just curious as to what your vet saw that made him think that there wasn't anything that could be done. Sometimes vets can palpate small lumpy-bumpy fibrotic kidneys, meaning they are end-stage and there truly is little that can be done at that point.

It's good that you are getting a second opinion. Any time when a fur-kid's life is in danger, a second opinion is warranted in my book. You can't take euthanasia back, and need to be sure.

My heart's going out to you and your dog. Take care.

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Lucy, I don't know a thing about Renal Failure but wanted you to know that I, too, think a second opinion is almost always needed. My baby is in Stage 5 Lymphoma and if I had not have gotten a second opinon she would be gone today. God bless you and your baby.

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We had a 12 yr. old dog that crashed with renal failure. They gave her IV fluids and suggested KD diet, canned and dry, with lots and lots of fluids. We were fortunate that our dog would eat/drink anything. Put a bowl of apple, cranberry juice, low salt chicken broth down and she would lick it right up. She also liked the KD diet (must buy it at the vets). She live almost 2 yrs and they told me they thought she had about 6 weeks. They attributed it to her willingly taking/enjoying the added fluids and prescription diet. Good luck.

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My Red Cocker is a sweet 13 year old, she has been on Enacard for about four years for a heart murmur (a 5 ) about a month ago she started vomiting really bad a couple of times a week, it just kept on getting worse, I had an appointment with a new veterinarian for other things (nothing detrimental) but when I got there she was now vomiting daily, not eating much, her breath was horrific and she had body tremors, she had dropped 3 lbs. Dr. ran a full blood work on her, gave her a shot for the nausea, but did not zero in on kidneys, although that was on the short list of what could be the problem. The blood work results were high, Dr. wanted to test her blood again in 2 weeks, she was put on an easy to digest diet. She became worse, Hardley eating or drinking, the next blood test the results were off the charts, Dr. told me with nothing done she would live about a week. She wanted to try four days of in house Sub Q's to rid her body of toxins, she said it works for some dogs giving them another six months to a year. I left her the next day (Friday) - that was really difficult! 8AM Monday morning the Dr. called to say Cheyenne was ready to come home, and told me they had already re run her blood labs and one kidney was almost at normal levels and the other somewhat high. They were happy, I was ecstatic as I dreaded the Monday morning answer - if the Sub Q's worked or not. It is now Wednesday, she's eating Pretty good, 1/2 KD canned mixed with sweet potatoes, spinach, rice, green beans a little triple boiled hamburger top off with the flavor of fat free chicken broth. She will have Sub Q's twice a week to rid her body of the toxins, they said I could do it myself, but I was a little nervous with that right now, so it is only $10 a visit to have them do it. I am so glad I found all of you, it's so much easier to type my thoughts then to try and ask the Dr. as I lose it every time I try to speak. Any insight on food would be greatly appreciated also, she looks for her treats, little dog bones is there anything low protein out there or that I could bake? Also, after the four days in a row of Sub Q Therapy her foul breath disappeared & tremors stopped.

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I'm so sorry that you've gotten this diagnosis. My kitty has CRF, so we deal with this. It seems the biggest problem with dogs and sub-q hydration is size- the bigger the animal, the more fluid is needed to help hydrate and remove toxins. In larger breeds, the amount needed is just unreasonable (from what I've been told). It seems like a cocker might be small enough that hydration might be a reasonable choice. It also depends on how much and how often the fluids are needed to keep the dog in good condition. I think your best bet is definitely to find a vet who is willing to work with you and give your dog a fighting chance.

One thing that might be easier in dogs is feeding, since dogs tend to be a little more open to non-protein food choices. I've got my cat eating a commercially available cat food that is as low in protein as KD, and almost as low in phospherous. She also eats a homemade food made from potatoes, chicken, and clams among a few other things. The homemade diet is high in potassium, which is tends to be lost by animals with CRF.

There's a pet food brand called "Hi-Tor" that makes "Neo-Diet" for dogs- it's a dogfood for dogs with CRF and is available without a prescription. It seems animals much prefer this to the KD as a general rule. You can search and find it online. It's also my understanding that another company makes a low protein, low phospherous dog food that is suppose to be good for dogs with CRF- I think it's something like Waltham's Sonorgam (that's probably not right at all, but my 11 month old is screaming bloody murder so I have to wrap this up now.)

Good luck with your dog. My thoughts are with you.

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I lost my 10 year old welsh terrier 6 weeks ago to renal failure. If you're looking for ideas for treats, here are some I found - animal crackers, butter cookies, unsalted pretzels crackers, or popcorn, vanilla wafers, raw carrots, corn flakes, and rice cakes. My daughter also made her some pumpkin cookie biscuits. If you'd like that recipe, just reply here and I will post it.

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Thanks for the responses I feel better already! To clt3 - thanks for the "treat" list and I would really appreciate the pumpkin cookie biscuit recipe. To Quasifish : checked out the Hi-Tor products at (familiar with them as that is where I ordered her heart meds from) I ordered the canned and they were out of stock on the dry (small bag) thanks so much! On the heart med situation, my last Dr. put Cheyenne on Enacard & Theophylline (4 yrs ago) and 6 months ago added Lasix. But the 1st two meds I was paying her $60 a month for, only bought them once & asked for a prescription for a year and found National Pet Pharmacy where the Enacard cost me $107 for 1000 tabs, enough to last for over a year!

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(weird how this forum seems to correlate to what I'm studying).

Well, I think I speak for others when I say I am very glad that you post here. You have often been more informative than my own vet :)

Lucy, I don't have any advice to offer. Just posting to give (((hugs))) and support.

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Just returned back from the grocery store to pick up some of the items Clt3 posted. I picked up cookies for treats, then I went and checked out the baby food section (last week my Dr. recommended using baby food to mix with the canned diet - greens beans,carrots etc, forget that she would have nothing to do with it, but I did find tonight another treat with 0 Protein - Gerber Graduates for Toddlers (cookies in the shape of animal crackers)& she LOVES them ~ and they're mini-packed with vitamins. Cheyenne had a Sub Q yesterday and drank loads of water all the rest of the day, then thew up the water - really scared me and too late to call the vet, today she is fine - ate two good meals & drinking good, I tried some juice (also previous post) she would not touch it!

How's everything going Lucy?

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Sometimes vets misdiagnose renal failure. Three years ago, my terrier mix was diagnosed with renal failure. She spent several days in the hospital getting fluids and she was put on a special diet. Three years later, she's off the diet and she's fine, she's just slowed down a bit. So while misdiagnosis of renal failure probably isn't common it is possible.

I would encourage you to take it a day at a time. I think while vets can help guide us, you are the person who knows your dog best, and you will know when her quality of life is compromised to the point where perhaps the kinder thing is to let her go.

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Pumpkin Cookie Biscuits
Preheat oven to 350

2 cups rice flour
1 large egg white
1 large full egg w/yolk
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/8 cup warm water (or less)
add 322 mg calcium
In large bowl, mix flour, eggs, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg together with fork until crumbly, will be rather "moist" crumbles. Add a small amount of the water, mixing well with fork and then hands. Dough will be of a smooth consistency. Don't want too wet, but should easily form in your hands into a big ball.

On a light floured surface, plop the ball in the middle and lightly spread out with palms of hands ... it's a rather delicate dough so if you try to use a heavy roller it will probably just stick to it. Easy to do with hands instead. "Roll" out to about 1/4 inch thick. With a cookie cutter (OR glass) cut out dough and place on a lightly sprayed baking sheet. Can be placed close together.

Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or so. You will see the top of the cookies getting "crackled"... the bottoms should be lightly browned. Remove and cool .

I found that I needed to keep these in the refrigerator or they could get moldy.

I got this recipe from the yahoo group K9kidney diet. You might want to join. There is a wealth of knowledge over there. Good luck. I know this is a hard time.

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Lucymarie, When our kitty was suffering with kidney disease, I got a lot of help and moral support from the yahoo group of other people in the same situation. There was tons of information to read, and there is a forum for questions and answers.

There is also a forum for people with dogs having kidney disease. I don't know if it is as good, but you could check it out to see if you can get some good ideas to help your dog.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: K9 Kidney disease

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We had to put our 15 year old lab down yesterday. She was diagnosed with kidney disease about a year ago. Plus she had arthritic hips and a torn ACL. She had not been eating very well in the last month and wouldn't take her pain and anti-inflammatory meds anymore. Last Thursday, she ate her last meal. We tried everything to get her to eat something, anything even if it wasn't on her diet. She would drink some out of the toilet but most of the time would walk around the house in a stupor. She would urinate but the last 2 days she had started vomiting bile. So after 5 days of not eating, we felt we had to put her down.

When we got her to the vet and weighed her, she had gone from 65 pounds a month ago to 55 pounds yesterday. The vet said she would have only lasted another 2 days at the most.

I know now that she was really sick but she did everything she could to please us up till the end. We're going to miss her terribly.

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I have a 16-year-old Cocker Spaniel who was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, a heart murmur and most likely some sort of neurological problem (doctors want to do an MRI tomorrow). She has been at the NC State Veterinary hospital since last Thursday. She went from 18 lbs to about 16.7 in about three weeks. I was disappointed in my vet because, 8 months ago, they detected the heart and kidney problems but didn't suggest I bring her in before her next yearly physical. So about four months later, she began wetting the bed. I attributed this to her age because I didn't know anything about renal failure. Then, two weeks ago, she began losing a lot of weight and became more lethargic. I brought her to the vet on Monday and they said her heart rate was too low (it was 60bpm) suggested I take her to NC State for a Cardiology workup. I called another vet who suggested she was in renal failure, and that should be the focus. I called NC State the next day, and they told me my vet never called them for a referral--and that is sounded like she was in renal failure. They finally got a different person at my vet's practice to fax over my dog's records, and determined that my dog was an "emergency" and to bring her over right away. I am angry at my vet, and I'm worried about my dog. She may have a brain tumor too, or just a vascular issue in her brain. So we'll see. But they are saying she can come home later this week and will need fluids and a special diet, plus heart meds. I don't know if I'm putting her through too much. Any advice? Thank you.

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Lucy and Laura - I hate this part of owning a dog. Let me say right off Im sorry you both are going through such a hard time. I can see that both of you are great pet owners doing everything possible for your dogs, I wish every pet owner was so responsible and financially able to go to such lenghts. Having your dogs at home where you can monitor them and there the dogs are more compfortable can be a harder time on the owner than the dogs. Especially if you are aprehensive about sticking your pet with needles. I wish you both the best, you are in my thoughts.

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Our Beagle was diagnosed with CRF when he was 13, and he lived to almost 17. He never required subq fluids, or at least the vet didn't suggest them, and he had a good quality of life until about a week before he passed on. We had him on KD diet, but he hated that, so we mixed it up with hamburger and rice, or liver or chicken. Also gave him more fiber (he loved shredded carrots) and a little bit of full-fat cottage cheese several times a week. Your dog might rally as well, this is not an immediate (or even fast) death sentence in all cases.

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Lucy - Here's a great list where you can find lots of suggestions and advice from other owners regarding diets, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: K9 Kidney Diet List

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After reading these messages, and knowing all that is going on with recalled cat/dog food, I wonder how many of these pet deaths were caused by toxic foods. It started in Dec., and was not caught until March. So many animals have died in the meantime, with the pet owners knowing of no cause. There is a lot to research on the net about the pet food issue. We lost our Maine Coon cat 2 weeks ago, after he ate only one pouch of the tainted food.

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Hi anyone,
I realize this is an old page & this is my first time here but I wanted to tell my story. I lost my 11 year old lab 4 weeks ago to renal failure & enlarged heart. He was at the hospital for 3 days. He wouldn't eat for them or me, when I visited him he just looked at me and wagged his tail as if saying momma take me home with you. We got him out on a Friday and he passed away 4 days later on a Monday afternoon. I had kept him inside which had become quite regular since the southern heat last year got to him. He hated the heat, thunder & lightning storms, & extreme cold. In his later years he had become a house dog. He started eating & drinking for me when he came home from the hospital & would let us know when he wanted out. He knew that he was dying & I believe with all of my heart that he wanted to come home to do just that. He died about 4 feet away from my back deck steps. I miss him so much & as we all know our babies cannot be replaced. I don't know when I will ever get another house dog. Thanks for reading.


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Martha, my heart goes out to you. I know how bad it is to lose a member of the family.

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I'd suggest the dogaware site. The author is a respected and very knowledgeable researcher/writer for Whole Dog Journal, and her outline of how she kept her CRF dog alive and well through diet and meds is very helpful.

We lost a mastiff to CRF about 8 months ago. After diagnosis, he lived 2 1/2 to 3 months on a raw diet, with SQ fluids every day and Chinese herbs and massage to help.

Every dog is different, which I guess is why CRF is such an unpredictable rollercoaster ride. Good thing you are getting a second opinion...and good luck with your furbaby!

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What type of low protein dry dog food do you feed your dog?

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Hi I am new to the forum. I have been reasearching online for more info on renal failure in dogs. Last Monday our 7 yr old black lab terrier mix dog Sadie began shivering and during Christmas away from home was really not her normal social and energetic self. Upon our return home I scheduled an appointment at a vet. They did blood tests and determined that she has kidney disease due to her BUN and creatnine levels being really high. Of course our entire family was devastated to learn this and we wanted to do all we could to help Sadie. She went for four days diurysis, has been on clavamox(antibiotic)and epakitan powder(phosphate binder)on her food two times a day, I was also instructed to give her 5mg pepcid ac tablet 2 times a day to help her stomach. She was being fed boiled ground beef, chicken and rice. But since the vet has recommended transitioning her to the Purina NF diet. She will not eat the canned or dry NF food. And I have been feeding her the boiled meat and rice still just so she will eat something. She has dropped 9 lbs since her previous well pet visit in June 2008. I was hoping to find treats of some sort that were safe to give her so she can have some variety and eat more to gain back the weight she lost. The vet had also mentioned she might have leptospirosis, but the test for that is $150 and they felt that was money better spent on the diurysis. I am just shocked at the sudden onset and difficulty we are having with really knowing what is going on. Her numbers were rechecked after 1st two rounds of diurysis and they lowered some, then after the follwing two more agressive 12 hr rounds they lowered about 3. Vet feels that we have gotten all the benefit out of diurysis and that I should continue giving her 400ml subcutanious fluids 3 times a week. Now I am hoping that Sadies body can maintain decent levels.

Anyone who is going through this with their dog I would appreciate any advice or info. you might have.

She is doing pretty well so far.She still barks at the mailman and perks up when shes taken for walks, but other times I look at her and she just looks like she really does not feel well. Only time will tell and I hope that she will be able to have a good quality of life for many more years.

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Our Dr. commited Malpractice & killed our dog. It all started when her hind leg swelled up terribly. We brought her to one Dr who decided to inject her with steroids. We then went to a specialist that decided our 15 year old was suffering from an immune deficiency like Lupus. Amazingly he actually gave her the correct treatment and had her on anti biotics and an IV. She came out of it and although he said he thought she had an immune deficiency disorder she also had blood in her protein and she should be on a low protein diet and elanopril. she came home and she
had to learn to walk again. But before you know it she looked better than ever !!! Things were great!!! Then we went for a checkup and the dr said he didn't like her loss of weight and that I should give the dog whatever she wants to eat and double up on the elanioril. within a day she was sick again and her leg swelled up. She was in the hospital for 5 days and the
swelling seemed to spread to her front paws. The Dr. explained that the "Immune deficiency" was spreading and that it was time to put her to sleep. So we sadly did. Things however seemed weird and I did some research and found that with some Kidney disease the toxins have no where to go and they collect in the limbs and that also a diet of high protein is wrong. I figured out on my own that my dog had kidney disease and not some silly immune deficiency that was killing her. So basically I ended killing my dog for nothing. Its really hard to live with myself. I ended up in the hospital for two days because of chest pains. I am distraught with guilt. It just goes to show you that you must research for yourself . Do not trust dr's,

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My 11 y.o. jack russell terrier/blue heeler mix ate 26 tablets of Rimadyl (arthritis meds) 2600 mg. It is my fault that he got to the bottle. He is now in Kidney failure. His number was 2.8 the normal is between .5 to 1.8. The last two days he has been getting IV treatments he goes in tomorrow to get another round of treatments and blood work done again to see if it has been working. The vet said his kidneys are only working about 25%. Thanks for starting this forum it is nice to read that there is hope out there that he might live a good life for many more years.

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I have a 10 1/2 year old sheltie, Mickey, who is my baby. He was diagnosed in May at his routine visit. He had been losing weight but we just contributed it to his being more active than usual, plus we had just come back from vacation and staying with nana, he never eats right. The vet said his kidney levels were extremely high and he only had about 6-9 months to live. She suggested SQ teatments twice a week and put him on antibiotic due to him getting lyme's disease. He did ok for the first three weeks, but we noticed a decline shortly after that. His appetite was slowly waning and weight loss has been steady. He was 20 pounds when this all started, back in September when we went away, and went to 18 at his visit in May. She put him on Enalipril for the blood pressure and pepcid for the nausea. He throws up the pepcid every time we give it to him. In the beginning of July his SQ treatments have had to go to once a week due to my losing my job and money is tight. His appetite is non existant. We have tried EVERYTHING and he won't touch it. I was hand feeding him hamburger and rice for a few days and it looked promising, but now he just backs away and goes to lay down. We did manage to get him to nibble on a corn muffin this morning
(anything at this point) but that is it. He looks at us and wags his tail, so I see the old Mickey in there, but he is so sick. I feel like I am letting him down because I can't do more for him. I see him getting weaker and weaker every day. I am so stressed about him. He is my baby. His weight has gone down to 16 pounds now he is so tired. Thanks for listening...

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Please immediately join the Yahoo Kidney K9 Diet group as they will help you immensely deal with this horrible disease through diet, meds, vet procedures, etc. My 15 year old yorkie was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure in May 2009 and we thought we would lose her. By changing her diet through homecooking, daily SubQs and meds she is thriving and holding her own and has quality of life once again. Soaking in all the information, data, resources, etc. is intimidating at first but soon becomes second nature and is totally worthwhile (especially homecooking). Gardenweb prevents me from posting the URL/website link as it claims it is spam.

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I feel your pain. This is my experience.

We have an 11 1/2 yo greyhound. She was diagnosed with kd about 4 years ago. In September 09, she almost died, got SubQs and bounced back, but the vet said she had weeks or months.

She's on enalapril and Pepcid.

Every time we think it's over, she rallies again, so we take it one day at a time. When fortified with food --She'll race around three laps every morning in our meadow.

When she looks at food with disgust and contempt and doesn't eat, she weakens drastically.

She is still drinking water and staying hydrated and we feed her home-cooked meals twice a day and supplement with yogurt and treats.

First of all, don't let the stomach get empty. Our gal would wake up at 6 am vomiting yellow bile. We give her StoneyField yogurt every night at bedtime and sometimes during the day if I hear her stomach growl. She hasn't vomited since. She loves yogurt, but if she gets a bit of diarrhea, then I give her plain, canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) to stop it.

She loves peanut butter and we buy organic from Trader Joes. We put her pills inside the little pita pockets with PB and she has never refused those.

She also loves the doggy brown rice and chicken sticks from Trader Joes, although she's starting to refuse other dog treats.

She ate the canned kd for a few years, then refused it around January.

Getting her to eat anything is now more important than the prescription, so for two months, she ate chicken and rice and chicken and veggies in the Pro Plan series. Then, she stopped that.

We cook white rice for her; add it to a scrambled egg; canned white meat chicken with no preservatives. That worked for a few months then suddenly last week, she started refusing that mix.

I decided to try anything, given her age and condition -- so, I bought Oscar Meyer (not the healthiest thing, but it's food at this point) ham with cheese dotting the slices. She loves it (for now).

So... today's routine (subject to change):

Start scrambling an egg in olive oil
Add a few tablespoons of cooked white rice and toss it to coat with the egg.
Cut up a slice of ham/cheese and mix it in.
Once she eats that, we give her two more slices of the ham since she comes into the kitchen and begs for more.

Since I'm retired, I am home to take care of her and do all of this cooking. She is now incontinent...she literally leaks during naps and overnight. This is a recent development, so I know she's getting worse.

She's made it 11 months more than anyone thought. She still loves playing and getting lots of hugs. One day at a time.

Hopes and prayers for your dog.

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Oh boy I have a story on this.

I have lost some of the details in my mind, because it's been a little under a year and it was a stressful time. But in any event, our beagle, Felix, presented with various symptoms. We took him to the vet and they thought it was kidney failure. So they gave us special food for dogs that had kidney failure. But nothing helped. Our dog was in pain, wouldn't drink, wouldn't eat, and his kidneys were failing. There was nothing we could do.

The doctor ran a test for leptospirosis, it was negative, amongst all the other tests.

We woke up the next morning with Felix barely alive. His temperature had dropped about 4 degrees over night, his heart was barely beating, and he was nearly dead. We rushed him to the emergency animal hospital, and they gave him some fluids and some other treatments and he started perking right up.

Our regular vet called us with an urgent call. It turns out they did a test for something called Addison's Disease and it came back from the testing place as positive. They had to do the "long test" to be 100 percent sure, but the emergency vet then began treating Felix as if he had addison's disease. Felix came back to life within an hour. It was almost like a miracle.

We had to get him a shot every month of Percorten and another steroid. It simulated the hormones that Felix's adrenal and endocrine system could no longer make.

That is why his kidneys were failing, among all the other problems.

Do read up and research on addison's disease if your dog is suffering from kidney issues. If the symptoms seem to match, ask your vet to test for addison's disease. It is massively under-diagnosed.

They will have a happy life they just need shots for the rest of their life. They get massively thirsty after their shots, too.

So the moral is, if your dog has kidney problems, make sure the vet considers or tests for addison's. Our vet saved our life by testing for Addison's. I'm definitely NOT saying that if your dogs kidneys are behaving badly, they must have addison's...but it should always be considered along with the other characteristic disease symptoms.

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Our 4 year old Shih Tzu, Nina, had to have a kidney removed a month ago. Her kidney was so infected she had infection spreading throughout her body. It damaged her other kidney. She only had a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. They had a hard time keeping her blood pressure and heart rate up. She stayed in the hospital in critical condition for a week. We didn't even know she was sick. She was eating and drinking and playing and seemed perfectly fine. One night she wouldn't eat, would groan when we picked her up, started shaking. Took her to our local vet the next morning where they kept her on IV's all day and antibiotics. An x-ray showed her kidney was enlarged. She was not responding so we took her to a veterinarian referral hospital an hour away where they had staff on duty 24 hours. The next day they did an ultrasound and more x-rays and said she wouldn't survive through the night without having the kidney removed.
We have to give her SQ fluids every other day. Oh, I hate sticking that needle in her! She is on pepcid ac once a day. (1/4 of a 10 mg. tablet) She has .5 ml of a medicine that was compounded for her. It is supposed to bind the protein and phosphorus.
Our problem now is finding foods that she will eat that are healthy for her. She was a picky eater before and now she doesn't want much. Last night I finally got her to eat cheerios and sweet potato baby food.
I'm glad I found this forum. Thanks to everyone who posts. We do need a support group.

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My 7 yr old Boston Terrier just passed away 2 days ago from renal failure. He had pancreatitis about a yr ago and ended up with kidney failure from it. It was my fault because I always fed him people food along with his dog food. He loved cheese, pepperoni, etc. I had no clue it was bad for him. After using a prescription dog food for some time, the vet had us use a low protein, low phosphorus dog food; so, now a little over a yr later, his kidneys stopped working--it was over a period of about 2 weeks, that we know of. He didn't seem to be in pain, although he threw up a lot, then stopped eating and about 2 days before he left us, he stopped drinking. I feel so guilty for feeding him people food! I soooooooo miss my little buddy. Its lonely without him.

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Our 8 year old beagle was diagnosed with kidney failure 3 months ago. Went in to get his teeth cleaned..the Vet did a test first and found out his BUN & Creatnine levels were extremely high.
Gave him 3 pills daily to help get the toxins out of his body. We have also given him fluids once a week.
Started him on a no protein diet...KD & D/F kidney dry and canned food...would not eat any of it. So we had to start fixing rice, hamburger, yams, potatoes, cooked carrots and turkey mixtures. He ate good the first 3 months...then last night he would only eat deli ham. He would not drink water only ate ice. Today he is not eating or drinking anything. He has slimmy, bloody mucus in his mouth & throwing up yellow liquid & his breath is terrible. Not looking so good. The next few days are gonna be hard.
I also feel guilty of feeding him people food. Maybe his life would not have been shorted if he didn't eat non dog food/treats. Next dogs will not know what people food is.

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My rescue Beagle is currently going through renal failure. I'm having a difficult time dealing with all of this. She started vomiting a week ago and I thought it was just an upset stomach or the food didn't set well with her. I noticed she hadn't been eating her food as much, but wanted mine. Not unusual for her. However, two days later she was sick again and she's been lethargic. I took her to the vet Thursday night only to discover they thought renal failure. Took her to the emergency vet and they hooked her up to IV's to flush out the toxins and ran tests. The doctors think she has Lyme Nephritis. Be sure to have your dogs checked for Lyme disease and have it treated properly. Her vet 2 years ago said he treated it, but obviously he didn't. She had no symptoms, until now. They've given me kidney diet food, which she won't eat because she doesn't like it. I think she might be having some pain discomfort. Her condition can't be reversed. It's terrible to watch your pet go through these difficult things. I'm so sorry for all of you with a pet going through an illness. Prayers to all of our four legged fur babies. I agree on the support group!!

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spedigrees z4VT

Connie, I'm so sorry that your beagle is suffering. However renal insufficiency/failure is not necessarily an immediate death sentence. As per the advice of others in this old thread, ask your vet to instruct you in giving sub-cutaneous fluids at home. Or perhaps seek out a different vet for this, one who is familiar with this therapy.

Sub-Q fluids are easy to give and most pets welcome the treatment. I have given fluids per order of my vets to 3 aging cats (2 of whom lived into their 20s and one still with me at 18 yrs) and to my sheltie who lived to be 14. My little dog would never have made it past age 12 or 13 and her quality of life would have been terrible without the fluids. The dehydration associated with renal problems causes very uncomfortable symptoms, nausea, vomitting, headache, grogginess, loss of appetite, etc.

Fluid therapy would improve your little dog's quality of life as well as probably extending her life. I hope that you seek this option. It can do no harm to try and is better than just accepting the gloomy prognosis of your vet.

As to Lyme disease, in many areas of the country it has become epidemic, my area included. I highly recommend vaccinating against Lyme disease. My pets have been innoculated every year since the vaccine became available.

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about 18 months ago my than 2 year old pit bull chopper had to have emergancy surgery for bladder stones so we took him in the removed the stones that were blocked in his urethra stopping the flow of urine,with that it was causeing a infection making him really sick so anyway after the 2000.00 dollers for surgery, after about a month he was back to normal urinating normal no infection,very active. the doctor never told me he needed a speacial diet or what the stones were caused from so i went about his normnal diet of 6 oz of wet food and a cup of dry food twice a day and lots of water, every once in a while some dry chicken treats no table food or scraps. well exactley 1 year later 3 days to the day the dog ended up in the emergancy room for another blockage of bladder stones, i didnt realize he wasnt peeing beacuse i just let him into the yard to make never really watched him, so anyway it cost me 2400.00 this time to have all the stones removed and sent to a lab to find out what is causeing this problem. the doctor said this time i was lucky because the bladder was so badly infected that it was leaking into his stomach causeing him to vomet urin, after 3 days in the vet he is home resting with a cathider in as im writing this ..this coming week end he will have it removed his blood work came back that his levels are dropping back to normal but will need a long time to recover.he is eating and drinking normal, he is now on a the k-d renal dog food for now until we get the stones results back hopefully it was something i was feeding him and not something worse i couldnt bare to put him down he is like my son...

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I am in shock right now. I adopted a chow mix a few months ago. He is an older dog 8-10 and has lived a very hard live. The conditions he was kept in was bad. Very little shelter and no attention to grooming or health with a vet.
I just had to give this boy a home. One night it was 13 deg. and snowing. He had a board to get under for shelter. I took the dog... peroid..His owner was in the Hospital and recently passed away. He now lives inside and sleeps on the sofa. Sadly he starting vomiting yesterday. I took him to the emergency vet in Va. and the vet said he is in Kidney falure. He had a routine vet visit a few weeks before and was given all vacs. and found that he has heartworms (he is on heartguard now)
So, he has heartworms and Kidney failure. He is at the emergency care center getting I.V. fluids and annti. meds tonight and they said he may not make it. HELP I want to give this baby a deserved warm home. They said I would know in 48 hrs. They are worried his heart will stop..HELP I love him as if he has been in my live forever.

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My 10 month old sharpei / boxer mix puppy - Lexi, is going through renal failure... we first found out on December 22, 2010 when she was throwing up yellow bile... :( At that point her BUN was 125 and Creatinine was 3.7.

We changed her diet to K/D, Royal Canin L/P, and some dry food of that same brand... Her BUN went down and Creatinine stayed stable at 3.5-3.7...

I put her on Azodyl, Rx Renal (herbs), Renal Essentials, Fish Oil, Rubenal, Famotidine, sucralfate, Tripsy, Epakitin, etc...

we took her to a holistic vet who did acupuncture and told us to give her chicken breast, salmon, etc... i think it made her worse... well, it didnt seem to help...

in the beginning of March, Lexi began throwing up again, and we drew blood again and BUN was 119 and Creatinine was 7.7.

I hospitalized her and the vet gave her IV (normosol) with Vitamin B for 5 days, after the fourth day her BUN went to 66 and Creatinine went up to 8.8!

the vet says there is not much hope for her, but then again we never really know...

If you look at Lexi she seems okay... she is lively and happy and playful and doesnt seem to be suffering... ONly in the mornings when she just wants to sleep.. :(

After the 5th day in the hospital... Her BUN went to 58 and Creatinine went to 8.6

I have been giving her 500 ml...Sodium Chloride Subcutaneously every morning, and lowering her exercise... only 20 min of doggie park a day (instead of the normal 2-2.5 hrs)...

A week later BUN 55 Creatinine 8.4

6 days later, BUN 66 Creatinine 8.8.. :(

We elected to increase the subQ fluids to 750 a day..

Yesterday I gave her SUN CHLORELLA (5 TABS)2 x a day
and Cordyceps Mushroom capsules (1000 mg) 2 x a day

She will see a different hollistic vet tomorrow (Dr. Basko) for a home visit... Hopefully he can help.

I called the San Diego Vet School that does dialysis, and asked if they would insert a catheter for Peritoneal dialysis, and they said that they would need to know from a vet that she would recover with the use of dialysis... if not they wont do anything...

as of this point we know she has enlarged kidneys, the Ultrasound TECH thought that it was congenital kidney disease, but my vet sent the ultrasound to be looked at by a radiologist on Saturday so we will find out more sometime this week.

I want to keep her comfortable, she is more than a dog to me, she is my baby, my love, my life..

I dont want to lose her, she is my best friend in the world, and she is NOT suffering... so why should i give up?

Any more ideas? recipes? help me I'm desperate

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My poor baby Sabrina was put to sleep Saturday from renal failure. We did not know she was sick until she started looking skinny. She ate and drank water.I
took her the vet and had a bloood test which came back with her level at 9!!! Se was hydrated with fluids but to no avail.She was throwing up a clear jelly like substance. I could not let her suffer any longer. She was only 7.Do not know what caused the failure.So worriedI did something wrong.

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My sweet , sweet cocker spaniel died today. I am so overwhelm with sadness. So overwhelm. Her name was Snuggles and she was 12 years old. We found out she had kideny failure back in April. Back in april, my mother took her to the vet and they kept her for 5 days to do IV treatments. When she came home she wasn't 100% better but she was much better. My son turn three in April and I had his birthday party at my mother's. I was outside hanging balloons when I saw this cat walk by and my cocker spaniel came running out of no where (she always chased the cats away)running after the cat. I usually have to run behind her to stop her because she is such a fast running, but I was so amazed that she was running because the week before that she could hardly walk ! We thought she was on a road to recovery. A few weeks go she took a turn for the worst again. She stopped eating, drinking and would barely walk. The vet started water treatments on her (water that is put under the skin) to try to get her hydrated. We were told that her levels BUN and kidney levels were extremely high....and there wasn't much they could do. They wanted us to put her down but we couldn't do it.....we knew she was a strong dog and she was trying to fight through and we couldn't bare to do it. My mother went home after work on Friday and found my dog down and shaking. She rushed her to the vet and we were told that she had just had a seizure. The vet mentioned again to put her down but we were still holding on to hope that she would get better. We had read stories and talked to people who were in the same situations with their animals and their animals got better. So we were really holding on to HOPE. My mom decided to see what would happen through the weekend and go from there. The vet decided to run more tests and to everyone surprise her BUN leavel had dropped from a 150 to 70......but the bad news was the kidney numbers had gotten worst. She could barely stand but when the vet told us the BUN numbers (toxic numbers)had went down again we thought she was going to make it through. Saturday when my mother went to check on her Snuggles had developed ulcers on her mouth which was not a good indication at all. We knew that she was getting worst.....but we were still hoping for a mircle. People may think that we should have went ahead and put her to sleep but that is easier said then done. When she made it back in April, and the BUN numbers had went down, and the fighter we knew she was we didn't have the heart to do it. We just didn't. We were determine to try anything and everything. They said she was going to make it only a few days in April but she ended up making it another month. Today is Mother's Day and after I called to wish my wonderful mother a Happy Mother's Day......ten minutes later she called back and said Snuggles had passed away. I know my story probably does not offer any hope to some of you guys but being able to read some stories like my helps me. If you are a TRUE animal lover you know pets are not just pets to us.......they are family and right now I am heartbroken. I feel more heartbroken for my mother. She lost my father when I was 11 years old and I am now 31.....she never remarried and never dated. When I saw the ad in the paper 12 years ago that someone was selling cocker spaniels i remember asking my mother can I get a dog. She was like I don't think so! I was preparing to leave for college and my mom didn't want me to leave the dog behind for her to take care of it. I ended up getting the dog anyway after my mother told me not to. She was very upset with me but her and Snuggles became the best of friends and until this morning.....they were inseparable. Snuggles became a companion to my mother , a loyal friend, they did everything to together and the thought that my mother no longer has that breaks my heart. I will truly miss Snuggles and will be forever grateful for the joy and happiness she brought to our family and especially my mother. Please don't give up hope for your pets.......don't get discourage when the vet gives you bad news......fight for your animal. We fought for ours to the very end. I will miss and love you always Snuggles ....R.I.P 5/30/98 - 5/8/11.

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I am sorry for your loss. You might want to think about posting our story under a new heading since this posting is over 4 years old.
For myself I know I dont check postings so old because I attribute it to new people just not realizing how old a posting is.
I think you were right in your decision, often the hardest part of a pet owners life, but better relieve suffering than to prolong it.

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My dog Parlay was put to sleep friday may 13 2011,she recently had diarreah and a routine examination determined that her bun was 76 and creatinine 2.8 the vet gave her metronidazale twice daily for 5days she was again having normal stools,but she would only stand or lay and not sit,My dog continued to play outside and lay in the grass for hours at a time she sometimes daydreamed and seemed lethargic.After having her urine examined it came back negative but the concentration was not normal vet told me to put her on Pepcid ac 20mg daily and change diet to boiled chicken and rice.She was given the first pill at 2pm on thursday at 4am friday she was projectile vomiting the chicken and her back legs gave out.She had to be put down 10hrs later.Vet says she wasnt in pain and had recovered but it would be better to put her down,has anybody had problems with Pepcid ac warning on box says dont use if kidney problems are evident..

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Reading through all these posts ive become aware that renal failure seems to effect each dog differently... I'm laying on the floor next to my 12 year old greyhound at the moment, I know I need to speak to the vet tomorrow and arrange for him to come and put Buddy to sleep. Here is Buddy's story. In June 2010, Buddy suddenly started having ain in one of his rear legs, he was obviously in discomfort, would pant and not want to lay down. This would happen 3 times a week for about 4 weeks. Each time I took him to the emergency vet, but as the episode only lasted 30-40 minutes they never saw it. His thigh muscle became hard and enlarged and from then, he could not walk long distances. Xray showed nothing. I had found a tick on buddy 2 weeks prior to the start of the episodes and mentioned lymes to the vet -he dismissed it because in the UK it is not common. I noticed Buddy drinking more than usual about 3-4 months ago, but didn't think too much of it. A routine blood test showed high cholestorol and low albumin so something was wrong. Then 9 weeks ago he suddenly stopped eating completely. For 5 days I fed him and watered him using a syringe. A scan revealed an enlarged kidney, he had a temperature so antibiotics were subscribed. I had a lymes test done but it came back negative, even so the vet gave me antibiotics that would treat lymes. Buddy picked up immediately, he could walk again, his urine became normally concentrated, he was happy and his appetite returned... It was like having my old dog back. Then 7 days ago, buddy got sick and hasn't eaten willingly since. His blood creatine levels were of the scale and he was getting sick. A scan revealed a mass in one of his kidneys. He's had some IV therapy over the last couple of days at home and from tonight there will be no more. He is sleeping next to me at this moment, breathing well and not getting sick due to anti sickness pills. I have been so lucky to have had him for the last 10 years and now I need to enjoy these last few hours before I make the hardest decision I've ever made. My only thought is that no matter how much it hurts me to say goodbye to him, I will not let him suffer - being a greyhound, he's never been good at bearing pain or discomfort. His eyes look at me as if to say, I trust you so for him I must be brave.

My heart goes out to anyone else that has or is living through their dog having renal failure - and I do hope you find the strength to do what is right for your dog - no matter how hard it is.

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My 10 yr old blue-heeler "Blue" was diag. with Kidney failure about a month ago. Over the past year she had episodes of not wanting to eat-usually lasted only 24 hours-had her to the vet several times, they treated her for upset stomach. In April when she wouldn't eat for 2 days we took her again, they kept her 3 nights and put IV's to flush the kidneys. We now have her on Science Diet KD canned and dry. I supplement with cooked macaroni-she likes it for a treat. She won't touch carrots, pumpkin or chicken broth. I found some good ideas here and plan to buy some baby cookies at the store along with cottage cheese and yogurt. Blue feels pretty good -wants to chase the frisby. I get nervous when she turns her nose up at food - but can usually get her to eat a few bites for me.
This site is comforting to me, don't feel so alone...
thanks to all and good luck.

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My sweet baby girl, a 7 year old dal/lab mix, is in the hospital tonight with renal failure. She did not exhibit any symptoms until 5/6/11 when she started crying when she tried to stand. After back x-rays and a surgical referral, she was sent to the internal specialist. Although I have never found a tick on her, she was bitten and infected with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This caused kidney damage, but she was improving until last week when she started refusing food. She is now in severe renal failure and is getting fluids. The kidney damage caused a blood clot which has increased in size and is now starting to block her kidney. I spent a couple of hours with her tonight but couldn't get her to eat. We did go for a walk and sat in the sun. The vet doesn't hold out much hope, but is researching adding warfarin to her plavix. Human clot-busting drugs have not worked in dogs. I'm just praying I can bring her home and spend time with her. She is such a good, sweet girl and I love her. And I'm praying for a miracle.

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My 7 year old Tibetan Terrier was diagnosis with CRF in February after we went on vacation and left her in the kennel. When we got home she was dyhydrated and needed fluids and bounced back. However at the next vet visit her labs got worse even after being on special food. Getting her to eat now is a real challenge, but she will always drink. Now is is peeing in the house. She even peed on a chair. I'm curious to know if I can wee wee pad train her now. She sleeps alot, can't really jump on the beds anymore, I don't know how much time she has left. She's not in pain, just seems so sad. It's so depressing. You can't get mad at her for peeing, but I would like to try to do something about it.
Any help would be apprecated.

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my dog roxy is 5 and last saturday she was diagnosed with kidney disease... she has been with vet since then getting fluids to try and flush out her kidneys... it is now thursday and since saturday she has had 2 blood tests first one showed her BUN and creatine had gone down and her phorsporus didnt not move.. 2nd blood test showed that the two levels went up but were since lower then the intial test showing kidney disease and her phorsporus had gone up... she is not eating.... the vet feed her with a syringe and today we went to see her and got her to eat a little bit of chicken.... the vet is still trying to lower her levels.... has anyone dealt with this situation because i am really using hope.... i love her, she is not just a pet she is my baby....

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My dog jo-jo was diagnosed with renal failure 5 days ago 8 days a go i woke up and jojo didn't come out of his bed when i came down in the morning which is very unusual for him as he was a very playful dog and all that day he didn't eat anything which was rather scary for me as he normally doesn't stop eating the day we found out he had it the vet told us that nothing could be done for him (i was very distressed) now he hasn't ate for 8 days and the vet has put him on a drip for a day and if it doesn't help him and he is still being sick he will be put down today reading all these posts has made me understand that there is a chance even though it may be a slim one that he can pull through this

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Grant it really depends on what stage the kidneys are at but there are some things you can do. I lost one dog to kidney failure very quickly after she saw a vet who said nothing could be done. When my second dog developed kidney disease we went to a different vet and she went on fluids first, then on to anti nausea meds and a stomach protectant fluid to settle her stomach down. With kidney disease the stomach gets inflamed so they do go off their food and also vomit. Has your vet suggested these things? because they can do wonders to get your dog eating again.

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My dog, Frank, a German shepherd, is a 10 years old. He lost his appetite and we found her creatinine was 14 and BUN was higher than 200 a month ago. He had to take antibiotic, high blood disease medicine, miracid, antacid and had acetate ringer 1000 cc under his skin for 2 weeks. We checked hid creatinine and found 6,BUN was 88. The vet told us to keep on treating him the same way as before and give us 1 month to see him. He is getting better but still hates his KD and Royal Canine.
He lost 5 kg because of renal food.
We live in Bangkok, Thailand. i also gave him some medicinal plants that here they used for human. I would like to see how his creatinine and BUN values will be.

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My Libby, a 10 year old Pomeranian was diagnosed with renal failure 10 days ago. About 6 months ago I decided to put both of us on a diet. I just thought I was doing a fantastic job because she lost weight. Then August 24 she started to vomit. On the 25 she was trembling and walking with an arched back. That's when I knew I something was wrong so I made an appointment with the vet for that afternoon. He said she was in kidney failure and should be euthanized now. Imagine my shock! I knew I couldn't euthanize her right away...she needed a second opinion, so I called my other vet and got her in the following day.

It turns out that the first diagnosis was is kidney failure. She was put on SC k/d, subQ fluids daily, herbal meds and acupuncture and medication for high blood pressure.

She perked up the first week. In fact, she even gained a pound! Her appetite was really good and she was acting like her old self again! The last couple of days she has been trembling and can't seem to get comfortable. Her appetite has declined. I have a feeling the end is real close. This is just killing me!

In my many, many hours spent desperately searching the internet looking for a "miracle" I came across a couple of articles that may be of interest for anyone who has a dog with kidney failure. I wasn't sure if what I was reading was just a bunch of hogwash, so I emailed 2 vet acquaintances of mine and they confirmed the articles.

I lost my Min Pin from an enlarged heart and I got her as a puppy. I use to cry into her fur mourning the loss of my previous dog. She helped me so much! What am I going to do without her?

My head knows the outcome, but my heart says something totally different. I don't want her to waste away.

If anyone is interested in her progress / decline, I have started a journal.

I know there is no cure and it WILL eventually keep getting worse, but tell that to my heart!

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on feb 08 2013 i lost my baby the love of my life to kidney disease ,a heart murmur and a hernia it came all of a sudden it began when i took her for shots that night she was acting different she limped on her back leg and cryed a lot i thought maybe a shot reaction the next day she limped on both back legs i would take her outside to go potty by the 3rd day she could not use her back legs she had toxic breath she been eating alittle and drinking water the next morning i rushed her to the vet by then she was so weak could barley move at all shes 15 years old she was crying just holding her the vet did blood work and felt a hernia and heart murmur the blood test said shes has kidney disease the vet said everything she has is treatable but with her age and meds and surgreys she most likey would not live through it hearing that just broke my heart i was holding my baby in my arms looking in her eyes she was in so much pain i just knew i was going to have to put her down she was my world the love of my life my baby we did everything together my best friend what am i going to do without her i wish i could take all her pain away as much as i wanted my baby with me forever i had to do the right thing i had to put my baby down i held her and told her we will meet again in heaven and that this shot is going to take her pain away she will sleep and wait for mommy with jesus to see me again i love her so much and miss her it only been 5 days without her im hurting so bad i cant sleep i been crying so much i want my baby back i had her creamated rip my beautyfull pom indy i will always love you

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Casieindy, I am sorry that you had to put Indy down. It sounds like you saw that she needed to stop suffering and you did it out of pure love for her. It is sometimes hard to be so selfless and put your pet's needs before your own. You were brave and you did the right thing for her, though.

We had a dog who developed kidney failure after surgery to remove a cancerous growth on her toe. I know how helpless one feels when you can't get your baby to eat or drink anything. Our Bina was in the hospital for several days, on IVs. It only worked enough to keep her kidneys going, but not help her feel good enough to eat and recover. They finally sent her home and told us that if she would not start eating and drinking for us, it would be the end. She never did eat and only drank occasionally. She seemed content at home until that last day, when she started to suffer and we took her back to the vet for euthanasia.

Your memories of your little girl will always be with you. She is alive there in your heart. I hope you start feeling better soon.

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I lost my 10 year old welsh terrier 6 weeks ago to renal failure. If you're looking for ideas for treats, here are some I found - animal crackers, butter cookies, unsalted pretzels crackers, or popcorn, vanilla wafers, raw carrots, corn flakes, and rice cakes. My daughter also made her some pumpkin cookie biscuits. If you'd like that recipe, just reply here and I will post it.

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My dog was 17. He was eating well. I brought him to the vet on Sat for a checkup. The vet said his kidneys failed and the BUN was 70. He said my dog should have an IV. By sun morning, he passed on. The vet claimed that my dog was very weak, had heart problems and suffered a heart attack. They supposedly tried to resuscitate my dog twice but his heart gave up. Could anyone advise if there has been any negligence while they were treating my dog? After the IV, my dog was supposed to return home on sun evening but he passed on. His unexpected departure shocked me totally.

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My dog was 17. He was eating well. I brought him to the vet on Sat. The vet said his kidneys failed and the BUN was 70. He said my dog should have an IV. By sun morning, he passed on. The vet claimed that my dog was very weak, had heart problems and suffered a heart attack. They supposedly tried to resuscitate my dog twice but his heart gave up. Could anyone advise if there has been any negligence while they were treating my dog? After the IV, my dog was supposed to return home on sun evening but he passed on. His sudden departure shocked me.

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Hi,I just came across this site and page.I am not sure if this has been posted yet,what I am going to discuss. I have just been put on Hill's k/d renal wet food for my Pomeranian female.I live in Windsor,Ont.Canada.
I would like to know if this or another site could help me find comparison food to the k/d. I am paying $3.23 per can and was hoping to find something a little less as I am not working and get a low income. If someone can help or point me in the proper direction,I would be very grateful.

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To wintry giving fluids cause a strain on the heart so she should have been carefully monitored at that age so not too much was given. She should also have been tested to make sure her calcium and potassium were not high. If given lactated ringers with already high potassium could affect her heart or if saline was used when she had high calcium could also affect heart. Of course dehydration is dangerous to kidneys so knowing which fluid and how much is critical. Sorry for your loss. I realize this post is not new but sure you ar still wondering.

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It sounds like you might know a little bit about this, I'm glad you mentioned the calcium. My dog has high BUN & Creatinine, along with high calcium. I've talked with the vet about the possible causes, and nothing looks promising besides taking things day-by-day. Doing the at-home SubQ (Lactated Ringers?) and trying foods to gain weight.

Do you have any guidance in regards to high calcium?

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Charlotte R

My Boxer has recently been diagnosed with Addison’s. Our vet has done the ATCH test. We are waiting on meds to arrive to get him started on hormone injections. In the mean time, he wants to drink ice water, tons of it. I don’t know if I should let him drink all he wants or not. He doesn’t want regular water, no mater how I serve it. I am so worried, and the ice storm has hit us today, can’t get him to the vet. Any ideas?

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