Alaska Cruise Photo Advice?

solstice98March 16, 2007

It's not a sure thing yet, but it looks like I'll be doing a family cruise to Alaska in August. I use a Canon A85. I'm not very used to shooting in rainy, misty conditions and don't know anything about shooting from a ship. I expect there to be lots of vibration from the ship's engines, but don't know how to counter that. No tripod, for a start, I guess!

Any advice on shooting in low, flat light?

Any advice on shooting from a cruise ship?


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Don't be overly concerned about engine vibration.
Stay away from the aft third of the ship and vibration will be minimal. Having said that I still wouldn't use a tripod.
Ship roll shouldn't be a problem in protected water either but it wouldn't hurt to lean on/against something and try to take your shots at the top or bottom of the roll...if the ship is rolling enough to seriously interfere with picture taking you'll be too busy looking for your Dramamine.

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Yes, in open seas, waves are a bigger problem than engines. Mist and clouds can be beautiful to photograph. Just take your camera everywhere with you and take advantage of every shot you have a chance to get. Better to take tons and have some bad ones than miss out on what might have been a great one!
And most of all, enjoy!
(When you go on a daytrip off the ship, the clouds/fog don't seem to burn off until about 2 p.m. So plan on staying all day if you want to actually see much! So much to do, and all so beautiful.

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If you are photographing snow or glaciers you will need to check your white balance......set it on the one for snow.
Or read your camera manual about white balance and snow.

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