Dog rolled in a dead animal

christineanne_2009February 22, 2009

My minature schnauzer rolled in a dead animal (squirrel) and smells horrible. I have bathed him twice, but he still smells! It so so bad that I can hardly stand to have him in the house. What should I do?

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Have you tried washing him with a vinegar water mixture?

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Peroxide and baking soda...

1 quart of peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and a drop of liquid dish soap... mix together in a large bucket... its going to foam up - so be care full. And you want to get this mixture on the dog while it is still foaming... rub it in real good.... don't get it in his eyes or mouth.

After you work the foam in all over, rinse him really well and smell.

You can repeat it if he still smells. You may to follow up with his regular dog shampoo.

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Snort - ahhh a dog being a dog. Bear poop is the worst!!! Good luck.

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They usually go in head first. So they slide up their snout and around their neck. So check the head, you may not be getting him clean around the nose.

I'm sure he thinks he smells wonderful!

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My long haired St. Bernard once rolled in some rotten chicken livers that my DH had neglected to put up after a fishing trip in the middle of summer... They had been in the hot sun for about 2 wks.! I tried everything & thought I was going to have to shave my dog, but someone mentioned using coffee. I brewed a 12 cup pot of coffee then put ice in it to cool it off & dumped it on him... You can get this in their mouth w/o problems, but I'd watch the eyes... It worked well.

Needless to say, my DH hasn't forgotten to put up his chicken livers again! LOL


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I never thought of coffee before, but it is a natural deodorizer. I use a homemade coffee soap that works great getting the fish smell off my hands... after I've cleaned fish. I've never thought about using it on my dogs...

Though my worst stink lover has passed away. He loved to roll in dead fish... Its been a while since I've had to destink a dog.

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Actually your dog can die from a caffeine overdose just like people can so be careful about them licking the coffee.

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I use essential oil called Purification ( for anyting that mskes my dog smell like sh** . Just one drop on their neck after bath does wonders. Ur dog will smell sooo good :)

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