Cork-look-alike tile

eleenaFebruary 7, 2013

Do you know of any ceramic or porcelain tile that looks like cork?

I posted this question on the Flooring forum but (IME) it moves mush slower than this one. Sorry about cross-posting but I have an installer scheduled for Monday 2 weeks from now and I need to get the tile ASAP or re-schedule.

I am going to use cork in the kitchen but I wanted to use ceramic or porcelain tile in the laundry room (for obvious reasons). It is is clearly visible from the kitchen and I wanted them to look similar because I already have too many different floors in the house.

Could you give me some pointers where I might find such tiles?


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Well, looking at cork for weeks leaves me with 2 questions for you.

1. What does your cork look like? There are many variations in patterns and textures.

2. Why not just use glue down cork tiles instead? I assume the "obvious reason" is water, unless I'm missing something (wouldn't be the first time I missed an obvious fact).

Post a pic of your cork and I bet if its out there, someone here will know!

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I don't have the cork tile!

My thinking is, as there are so many cork tiles to choose from but probably not so many ceramic tiles that look like cork, it'd be easier to match cork to the porcelain/ceramic tile than the other way around.

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Shamelessly bumping... :-)

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in my search and shopping for new living room/hall flooring[carpet likely] I ran across materials articles discussions...cork for main areas are reccomended as good insulating/soundproofing/attractive/sustainable etc, BUT they are saying to seal it,citing heavy wear/moving furniture/shoe heels/table legs etc potentially damaging. Is cork therefore really durable enuf for kitchen use? I guess it depends.

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