RH Silver Sage & SW Quietude sample pic

sewwhatsnewMarch 25, 2010

I am considering Quietude, but maybe at 50 or 75 %,or the shade lighter Rainwashed. Not sure if Rainwashed has enough color ( blueish green) it looks more gray.

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I don't know which is which, but I like the one on the left.

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graywings, I was gonna say the same!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Make that three of us!

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that makes 4!

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make that 5 in a big way!

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Love the one on the left!

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I meant to post this picture for someone who had asked if RH Silver Sage was similar in color to SW Quietude in a blue/green/gray posting.

I'm trying to MATCH the color in my new shams so I wanted more color than Silver Sage, the paint on the left. I thought I would try a shade lighter on the Quietude strip, paint on the right. Bought a gallon of SW Rainwashed, knew it would be perfect!! Others have used it and loved it. hmmm

Oh my, another paint fiasco, it was baby blue. I took the paint back tonight and he adjusted it to be a little more green for me. So I painted one wall one coat, and it's still not what I want. Probably needs to be lighter, grayer, whatever it needs I can start all over tommorrow.

It's embarassing to bother the guys at the paint store everyday, do people think I'm crazy?? If they only knew I put alot of thought into it, but those strips sure can be misleading. Tonight we even had the sham there to try to match it . Should we just add gray so its not gaughty??
WHAT IS WRONG??? With me?? or the PAINT??? LOL Oh baby, I'll sleep on it, maybe I'll love it in the morning ? This blue green color is everywhere, so what color is it???

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I actually like it....it looks like it's a perfect match to your bedding~

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Go with the RH Silver Sage aka as Grey Wisp in BM paint. SW can mix BM colors.

I had SW mix Grey Wisp for my bedroom and bath, and it's a perfect color - a tad green, but blue too.

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I agree about the Grey Wisp, but, to be sure, buy a sample of it and paint a large area before doing the whole room so you'll know how it looks. Your light/lighting, fixtures, etc., all have an effect on the paint in the room, so true you can't go by the chip alone.

Just explain this to the paint guy and he'll be fine and approve of your trying the sample first. :)

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Any ideas on where I can find that bedding or something similar? I have a dark chocolate with gold and cream set that is a little too dark for me. I would love to have a comforter and shams like this one to blend in with mine!


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We used Silver Sage in our sunroom and guest bathroom when we built our home a couple of years ago. I absolutely love the color. Everyone who has visited remarks on the freshness and how they wished they had seen that color when they were painting. Pep

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Does SW have the BM formulas or does one need to provide them? Thanks, I've always wondered this...

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Im gonna be the lone dissenter here.....

I think Silver Sage looks so blah unless it is used in a space with tons of warm lighting and the exact right complementary colors. Quietude is a lovely color, much richer than SS.

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I have been tinting Rainwashed, first it was too baby blue, next the darker blue pic I posted, then we tinted greener and I painted the whole bathroom first coat.
Now I think it looks a bit like BM Palladian Blue too, which was going to be my second coat choice.

The paint color still does not match the sham colors so I took off the shams, and coverlet and started my "return pile." I want the color to be more subdued, more gray, and of course now that its mint green, I want blue. Goodbye BM and SW and RH...hello LOWES.

The Valspar color I chose is Winter in Paris. Smoke Infusion a shade darker may be another color for others to consider. I'll post the final pic in a couple days.

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Winter in Paris, was too light and wasn't its true color when painted over my existing Rainwashed,so I chose BM Pallidian Blue for second coat. There isn't much difference between the 3 colors I painted. There are all very bright colors and I prefer muted, grayed out colors. I'll live with it, but probably will never love it.

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Ressurecting this thread as I'm trying to pick a pale blue/green/grey spa-like color for my master bathroom. Benjamin Moore only tho.

Have you tried looking at these (I'm testing each of them this week):

1. Glass Slipper
2. Healing Aloe
3. Woodlawn Blue

If anyone's used any of the above for a bathroom, please post pics or tell us of your thoughts on them. :)

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