Granite Countertops (Napoli, Santa Cecilia Napoli, Giallo Napoli)

GabbyMommyFebruary 7, 2011

This post is for ANYONE considering light colored granite countertops ~ Napoli in particular. I know there is also a Giallo Napoli and Santa Cecilia Napoli but I am not sure if Napoli and Giallo Napoli or Santa Cecilia are the same (although many pics on the net seem to show they may be be very similar or even the same, but I am merely stating that I am not SURE if they are the same or subtlely different according to name). Let me ALSO say it took me six years to AFFORD granite countertop so I did NOT take this decision very lightly. My post is about Napoli granite though - it is absolutely beautiful and I do NOT regret it at all, BUT, let me just say, YOU SHOULD BE A FAN OF WINE/AMETHYST if you end up choosing this granite. At the warehouse where we chose our slab, the lighting was flourescent and poor (as I found MOST granite shops to be - but they do offer a free sample for you to view in any lighting)- the granite looked like coffee brown splashes and we saw no amethyst whatsoever in the warehouse lighting. We did take a nice-sized sample with us and looked at it out in the daylight - I did pick up ONE small deep, deep wine spot that literally went from a dark chocolate to a very deep wine color, but it was a tiny, tiny spot and no more showed up on the 5"x5" sample. Once the granite was cut, delivered and installed, the amethyst was PROMINENT (and mesmerizingly beautiful). I might not have chosen this particular granite if I was aware of how much wine/amethyst was in the stone and that would've been a mistake, I think. Once it was down on the cabinetry I realized how much wine/amethyst was in the granite and it took me a day or two to absolutely fall in love with it. The best way I can describe it is 'chocolatey spotting/markings that mysteriously turns to wine/amethyst depending on the lighting'. At night, under our flourescent kitchen lighting (mixed with 'natural' lamp lighting and a couple of pendant lights), the wine/amethyst is fairly prominent, along with many chocolatey spots. In the natural daylight/sunlight that pours into my kitchen - the granite is absolutely amazing - wine/amethyst with very little chocolate. I am going to continue with the plan of painting with the Olympus Pony Tail color (a very warm puddn'ny taupe) in the kitchen as there are tons of rusts, browns, creams, pearls, greys, steels and blacks accented by the chocolatey/wine/amethyst markings. As soon as I figure out how to post photos, I will. I do love it and think I might not have chosen it because of all the wine/amethyst if I had seen someone else's detailed photos and am glad it worked out the way that it did - I might not have chosen it and I can't imagine now being without it. I fell in love with it almost immediately. I have a white kitchen and DO NOT plan to accent with any color as the countertop has a good bit of movement and color to it even though it is not a countertop granite that usually has much movement at all. I will try to find a way to upload pictures. I have fabulous close-up pics of the granite that I am GLAD weren't available on the net for me to see prior to choosing this granite - or I might not have chosen it. :)

One large garnet/amethyst chunk...

Variety of colors...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Updates - Napoli grante, Peeling thermofoil cabinet fronts

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I love how you're in love with it !! it looks wonderful.

keep us posted on updates !

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Your granite looks beautiful. A lot of times the names are mixed up even at the granite yards, so it's best to just choose the one you love, and not worry if the names are different. I really like granites that have "chunks" in them. Ours does too, though it's a completely different color, so our "chunks" are black, and it's my favorite part.

Just a suggestion, please don't take it the wrong way, but when you post, it would help us to read it if you added paragraph breaks. It is difficult to read a longer post when there are no paragraph breaks. Thanks!

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Good thought. Another thing that can happen is when they do chip off a sample for you. I was given a chip knocked off a corner of my slab. I used this to go around with for my backsplash. I had to keep saying, "But at home, my counter is more brown rather than taupe."
Lighting makes all the difference too. Ouside, I thought I saw more cream colors, not so when it was installed in my kitchen. But, this could also be because when I looked at it over all I was concentrating on the cream. When we templated, I was concentrating on how I wanted the pattern and the cream was probably on in the diameter of the template.

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