Which stainless sink - Ticor, Elkay, Blanco, Franke?

lucretziaFebruary 15, 2010

There were so many great posts on this and they cannot be found.

I need to make a decision about which brand of stainless steel sink to buy and have no idea what to base my decision on.

I understand that Ticor is good value, but is it good quality? Do the sinks within each brand vary in quality?

Does one brand wear better than another?

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Great questions.. i am trying to make the same decisions....

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OH my... this is timely. Sorry no help. But I'm deciding between Lavello, Franke, Kraus, some brand from CB bath/kitchen, and Ticor. They all have the 36" single bowl curved front apron sink I want. I know the gauge is suppose to matter but I don't really know how much cause some Frankes are 18g and they are way pricier then others I've seen on ebay that are 15 gauge which go for under $400.

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What about C-Tech ?

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I finally made my decision today after a month of dithering. From what I have read, those brands are all about the same quality. I wanted a large single undermount sink, and would have gone with the Ticor, but wanted a rear drain. We just ordered our Blanco today online.

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What are the benefits of a rear drain? If you have a grate in the bottom of the sink, does it matter where the drain is? Also interested in any comments about C Tech.

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I don't think you can go wrong with any of those choices (except C-Tech, all I know about it is that someone got a C-Tech a year or two ago when they thought they were getting a Ticor and they were very disappointed in the sink.)

I would look at overall size (how it will fit in your sink base), the interior bowl size(s), and configuration (bowl & drain) and see if one jumps out at you...if not...toss a coin!

If it were me, I would see which one gave me the largest interior bowl sizes that fit in my sink base. That would be my #1 consideration after determining overall quality (which I think you have).

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I have a ticor that I'm happy with, but it's only been in use for a couple weeks, so can't vouch for long term, although I can't imagine why it wouldn't hold up.

buehl, I think I remember the C-tech issue that you're talking about, but if we're remembering the same issue, it was Beekeeperswife's sink and in the end it turned out to be fine I believe.

And I agree, go for the sink that gives you the features you want. The only negative things I've heard about sinks are some people disliked the Franke and Blanco sold at Lowes as being a lesser quality and being hard to keep clean. other than that, I can't think of anybody who is unhappy with their sink.

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Squigs, I did read a post about single vs. double bowl and you recommended a Ticor 1600, but I can't find that. There are 1300,1400,1500,1700, but no 1600. Where did you buy?
I think I want a 60/40 in a 36" base cabinet, which I think is what you said you had.

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My plumber friend highly recommends Kindred Stainless. He has two in his kitchen and said after more than 5 years they look like new. They also are coated entirely on the outside to provide a quieter, sturdier sink that also holds temperature well when washing dishes. They have a nice even sheen and are deep at the corners, not just the center. I am planning to order one for my countertop redo.

Rear drains let you rest a roaster or cake pan in the sink to soak without blocking the drain. I now have a huge Kohler executive sink and I like a rear drain, esp'ly on the disposal side.

My countertop fabricator sells a brand from a small Chicago company that seems to be similar quality, Wells Sinks at a lower price. He said they also have the entire exterior coated as the Kindred does.

Lower gauge is supposed to be stronger stainless. The better cookware is usually 18 gauge.

Franke and Kindred are made by the same company, I am told.

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Rear or off center drains also allow you to have room under the sink cabinet for plumbing and trash. Drains in the middle often prohibit using that cabinet for trash.

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Other manufacturers also coat the entire bottom of their sinks as well, not just Kindred. Ticor, for example does. So does Kohler (I have both).

What I like about the Ticor is that they use a combination of pads and what looks like a painted on coating...I think that is even better. I do know that my Ticor is much quieter than my old sink (unknown brand)...even though my Ticor is deeper & my faucet higher so the water hits the bottom much harder (gravity).

My Kohler has what appears to be a "popcorn" paint on the bottom. It's pretty quiet as well...but it is smaller and has a lower-profile faucet.

Regarding a rear drain...first, yes, my Ticor also has a rear drain. However, if you're getting a single basin sink, I would look for a combination of rear drain and offset into a corner. That will free up even more space inside your sink base cabinet for a trash can or other taller storage (shelves, drawers).

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I went with a very high end ss one-bowl sink because it fit the odd depth (shallower than normal) of my cabinets and was deep enough to let things be hidden (the kitchen is visible from everywhere).

It was a complete waste of money as my sister's Franke Orca is nicer.

I had wanted a Franke but the size I needed wasn't in stock. One thing they have on some of their sinks -- which functionally IMO is great and goes unmentioned -- is that ridge in the sink halfway down that lets you put in a grid or a cutting board on one side.

Drain, shmain -- what I'd love is someplace to put something that isn't on the deck, which the Franke has. It cleans up nicely as well.

My sink brand has accessories but the ss basket hangs off the counter and would cause wear on the marble.

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Hi All,
I am not sure about Ticor, but From the latest rumors what we heard Kindred and Franke is the same company, also one of our friend who is in this industry told us, that Kindred, Franke and Kraus all made at the same factory in china.. But price for kindred and franke considerably higher and you have to buy accessories separate which adds up a lot.
Recently because of the best value for the money,
We purchased Kraus sink, faucet and soap dispenser combo for around $650 no tax. We are very please with the purchase; so far everyone that sees it is impressed.. The sink in nice and deep and the faucet is also very nice, 100% solid stainless steel, led free, UPC certified and works great, what else can you ask for. The sink came in a large box and was packed in a large felt like bag, very impressive and the faucet came in it's own package, packed in a form type box with separate compartments. (It was like opening a Christmas package), We looked at sinks that were much more costly and it looks like Kraus is right on top with their product.
We got it from overstock, but ExpressDecor now seems to have 10%-15% off for the same combos.
Hope it helps

Here is a link that might be useful: kraus kitchen sinks

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We've just installed a C-Tech sink. It looks great and feels solid, but until the plumbing is hooked up in the new kitchen, I can't say more.

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Lindiver...keep us posted. We haven't heard much about the C-Tech and it would be nice to have reports based on first-hand experience.

BeeKeepersWife...if you're still around, how about a report on your C-Tech sink?

Squigs...I thought the person sent hers back, but I'm not positive and since older threads are currently unavailable I can't search for it.

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Buehl-I will do that. I think we're getting close to the end (good work from the GC, but he's sloooooow). I can't wait to be able to post pictures and give feedback since I've gotten so much help from everyone.

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I'm happy with my Elkay stainless single bowl sink. It's very quiet and looks good. Was not outrageously expensive. It does have "Elkay" emblazoned on the inside, though, which may not be everyone's cup of tea!

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Lindiver, I'm interested to know how you like your C-Tech sink? Which one did you buy?

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just received my Ticor sink today and love it. Its a great looking sink and great quality. I can't wait for installation.

Here is a link that might be useful: ticor sink

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I have a ticor TR1700 It is a good deal I installed it my self I will post some pictures one day to look at it. I like the Rime that sets on the top of the counter giving that stainless steel touch to the kitchen and that matches my side by side appliances.

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I too like C-tech. Been using them for years. I am particularly impressed with their finish and most sinks come with all the accessories. Below is where I've found the best prices on these sinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: C-Tech Sinks

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I've seen and installed more than my share of sinks. Few rival C-Tech.

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I vote for elkay. I do not like the 'shiny' stainless that shows every scratch and 'patina.' After an extensive hunt I felt very wary of any of the newer stainless as they seemed prone to this, so I bought an elkay drainboard sink. I actually found it on CL secondhand, and it still looks the same as a new one. They are heavy duty sinks and I'm very excited about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is my sink

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I know what you mean. I don't care for the shiny finish on some sinks, that's why I like C-Tech. They have a finish very similar to Elkay (acutully, I like C-Tech's a little better), but the pricing seems to be better and you don't have to pay extra for sink grids (they come with).

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