Beadboard on a cabinet end ?

aries61February 10, 2013

Thinking about using beadboard on a exposed cabinet end and exposed fridge panel instead of a matching flat end. It would be bought with the cabinets so the finish matches. Has anyone done this or do you think it would look stupid?

Trying to finish up my decisions, so I can get my cabinets ordered. The longer I wait, the more changes I think of.


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Is there a reason behind that?

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It's a casual country vibe. Does that description fit the rest of your home?

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2little: Really don't like the flat end and doing matching door or integral end are more expensive then doing the beadboard ends. Also, probably going to do 30" deep refridgerator panels and not sure how they would look with the matching door or integral end on that wide of an end panel.

Green: The house is a traditional 2-story.

The cabinets look like they are going to be Shiloh beaded inset.

Not sure if I'm using the correct terminology, so I'm attaching a picture of what I'm talking about. It's what they used on the range hood on the picture.

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Is the price difference that much? Without knowing anything about what you're planning, I would say that it has to "make sense" with the style of kitchen you're planning. Will there be beadboard anywhere else? Is it just those 2 ends?
It might be a fine idea but I don't know what you're kitchen plan is ; )

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