Canon T4i

jeaninwaMarch 28, 2013

We are getting new cameras (probably tomorrow) and would like to get advice on where to go for online camera classes. We will be using them mainly for video but also some stills, and would like to be able to learn, understand and use all the bells and whistles. Anyone here have good luck with an online class? Thanks

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I can't help you with that, but I bet you will love the Rebel. I have a Rebel XTi and I love it. Hope to update one of these days.

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LoL thanks for answering this forum is SLLLLOOOOOWWWWW!!
I've found lots of info online, youtube is amazing and some podcasts too.
I am absolutely LOVING this camera! It's my first DSLR, and very easy to use. The touch screen is so handy.
Now, I have to wait for my income tax return so I can get a macro lens and some filters. Can't wait!

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Yes, this forum really has gotten slow. I have to admit, I seldom think of checking here. I used to be here every day some years ago.
I'm glad you are enjoying your new camera!

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I just got one and have started using it. I'll try to check in here. Maybe we can reactivate the forum and make it active again.... as soon as I figure out how to upload photos - lol!

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maisoui1, uploading photos is super easy now. You just click the browse button above the message posting box. It will browse the files on your hard drive. Just click the pic you want to post and ta da. Oh, but if you make changes to your post in the preview section, you need to rebrowse for your pic

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I ordered a new Canon Rebel T5i yesterday. My XTi was 7 years old. I am pretty excited about getting a new Rebel.

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If you are interested in becoming a serious photographer I would highly recommend attending classes at an accredited college or technical college.

There is a lot to be said for classroom education and getting constructive feedback from experienced instructors, mentors, and peers. Friends and family will always tell you how awesome your "snapshots" are. However teachers and mentors can provide constructive critiques on how to improve your images.

As a professional photography student I use to supplement my formal education. I think Adobe and Canon might also have some online videos you might find helpful..

Photography is all about the lighting. The camera is just the tool. You might also want to consider a design class.


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Going to a photography class today, and I'm pretty excited about it! It's called "Liquid Motion" and we will be doing stop motion photography on objects in motion falling into water.

Check for Meet Up groups in your city. I went to two photography ones just last weekend too. Some are free, this one I'm going to today is only $15, and some are more, up to around $150 for some.

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I will reply you as soon as possible, My one friend use this one and i get ideas to this one.

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