Blowing fur now, a little early?

pawprint1February 22, 2010

My German Shepherd is blowing his hair now, started a couple days ago. I know this happens twice a year, but usually in the spring & fall. HeÂs a 95% indoor dog, so I realize his fur doesnÂt always shed seasonally.

We still have snow on the ground and itÂs cold out, maybe heÂs a month early?

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My GSD mix started shedding last month.

Luckily, my DIL got me a Furminator knock off comb(A Furbuster) and I can keep the shedding to a twice daily brush minimum.

That thing makes a HUGE difference, and Max loves the combing.

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My Rusty is blowing coat right now too. And yes I think its a few months early. I second the "furminator" although I don't use it faithfully. It's a really cool tool.

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My dogs and cats and the horse are all shedding now, I think it has to do more with the lengthening days than weather

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My dog has been in full bloom for 2 weeks

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Our lab is shedding now also. I have noticed this with former pets and always wonder why so early when we still have lots of cold weather to come? She is outside lots in the daytime and it would seem she would need that coat.

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It is normal for this time of year. Usually ground hog day is the time the fur starts flying

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