Does Feta go Bad?

jasdipNovember 8, 2011

I bought a nice block of feta in brine quite a while ago.

While making Greek Salad I noticed that it's kind of slimy. I just cut off the outer slimy part and used some of the rest.

It didn't change colour, have mold, just kind of slippery.

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See if this link helps you any... -Grainlady

Here is a link that might be useful: Still Tasty - Fetta Cheese in Brine - opened

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That is one totally cool site Grainlady! Thanks! You can freeze eggs. Huh, whoda thunk it?

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Sorry....I don't think a lot of that site.....after 3 months feta doesn't automatically "rot". And for keeping anything, a lot depends on the conditions where it it is stored and what sort of things it endured before it got to your refrigerator.
Feta is's already "spoiled"...
Unless it molds it's pretty well fine. The brine serves to retard surface mold and keep it from drying out. It will continue to age and may get a little more stinky....that smell of an aged soft cheese, like beerkase, but it's still good to eat.
I am reminded of some people I know who won't eat a banana unless it still has some green on it....I wouldn't touch a banana until it's all yellow and has some black spots....what is spoiled for some is ripe for others.
Linda c

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