The Helicopter-It was with VFW memorial tank...

juanitalMarch 30, 2007

Perhaps someone(Kt...Hippy?) would have any info?

Olympus SP-510UZ

Thank you for looking!


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Good pics! Always wanted to go up in one.

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Good capture. One of those flew over my house this morning. Looks a lot different than that one. Much bigger. My luck!!! Had my batteries on the charger so couldn't get a picture. Missed opportunity.

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I would have to say that the snake on the helicopter gives it away. It appears to be one of the Cobra Attack Helicopters. Probably the AH-1 Cobra, but I could be wrong about that part.

I have never flown in an airplane, but have been in many many helicopters. They are the coolest! You can stop and hover, then take off like a rocket, stop, then go straight up and, well, of course, straight down, hopefully with everything fully functional and not 'falling' down.

Nice photos!!


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Great photos.

I love helicopters and had the chance to go to Flight School while in the Military but turned it down. For they were just switching over from the Bell UH series to the Black Hawks and a lot of them were crashing during the transitional period.

Yes it is an AH-1 Cobra helicopter. Not sure what configuration tho. When they first came into service the Tail Rotor (small blade at rear of the choper) was located on the left side of the airframe. When they switched to composite rotors they relocated the tail rotor to the right side to make the helicopter much more stable during flight.

They were and still are today. Fast, agile, deadly accurate fire power and can sustain a lot of damage while still protecting the crew before being shot down. They are one of the most feared helicopters (by the bad guys) the military has.

The Pilot sits in the rear seat above the gunner (guys that does the shooting).

They now have two engines that give them greater speed. One engine can be completely destroyed yet the helicopter can continue flying.

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Great shots juanita!! I have jet to take a ride in one!

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Wow awesome info, KT and Hippy...Love it! Thanks Bigack and Konrad!

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