Critique me, please!

texashottieFebruary 9, 2008

Hey, guys. I got a new Nikon for Christmas which is a lot of camera for me. Hubby got it with a 18-200mm VR DX Nikkor. He also got me a video (which I had to take notes on) to learn to use it. I know I probably need a class.

I was messing around with the depth of field (which I think I really need another lens for smaller aperature?) and also contrast, composition.

I messed around a little with Photoshop in adjusting contrast and brightness, etc. But I'm not even sure if I got that "right." I don't even know the full potential of Photoshop yet---it's a wee bit overwhelming.

But if you can offer up some suggestions or critiques, I'm all for it---educate me! TIA!


#2. (Darn that wall switch! I tried to clone brush it out but it stopped working on me for some aggravating reason!)



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I'm certainly no expert but those are some nice shots...I was looking at the classes offered at BetterPhoto if you might be looking for something...I'm sure there or others too, it's just asite I'm familiar with most...There were too many interesting classes to decide on right off....


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the best suggestion i have...and i know you wont like it...but box that camera up...and send it to me....:)

im DYING to get an SLR camera, and I have been eyeing that one a bit...bit out of my price range, but it looks like it takes EXCELLENT pics.

Nice depth of field work there as well...


p.S. Keep my suggestion in mind....ill check for a package regularly...:)

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Juanita, thanks! I added that link to my Favorites! I'm going to explore that website some more.

Andy, LOL! The mail is sooo unreliable these days... ;) I hope that you get one though!

The camera is so amazing---I feel like I can reach into this picture and pet my dog! I know this pic is dark but it's hard to photograph a black dog. This is Duke:

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Let's get one thing straight, I'm no pro at this so take my critique with a grain of salt.

DOF is good, but find the crystals distracting(IMO). Also the horizon is off kilter. The last one the wall is more in focus than the dog, also check white balance. Wall should be white like the previous photos

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Line of horizon is off in just about every picture. Love the dog pic, but the dog, which should be the object of the photo is out of focus. Love the way the colors work together on that one tho. I like the wall the color you have it.

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I love the pic of the dog...nice shots. So how do you like the Nikon D300? I have the Nikon D200 and still have much to learn.

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The horizon is a little off on all of them. That's real easy to fix once you are aware of it. What distracts the most is the out of focus areas on the dog. DOF is tricky, more practice will cure that. Congrats on your new camera!

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