Thoughts on these in-camera b&w's...

juanitalFebruary 22, 2009

Seems to be a no-no if you use in camera conversions (settings set for monochrome-filters before taken) then the usual f and shutter settings. So tell me whats wrong with these...I added a little lighting-to a few-error on my part for settings.

I have a few more, but my camera does this when using picture control-monochrome....


Nikon D300

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I like all three of them, but I especially like the railroad track one.

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I certainly have no credentials :) but I like the second one. I like the contrast between the very linear trees at the left and the ethereal impression on the right side of the photo. I think it's beautiful!

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I don't see anything wrong with them. What does juanital not like about them?

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I like the first one best. There is a black and white blog that occasionally accepts new members if any one is interested.

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