can you do anything with canned shrimp?

vacuumfreakNovember 29, 2008

A neighbor was moving and gave me some food that she didn't want to pack. One thing was a bag of salmon which I'm allergic to, but will give away. Lots of canned goods as well, including canned shrimp. I've never even heard of canned shrimp before! I've used canned crab to make crab cakes with, and I've gotten canned tuna for a treat for my cat (not often due to mercury), but what in the heck is one to do with canned shrimp?

I don't even like regular shrimp unless it's fried and breaded. Well, I can eat in in a pasta with alfredo sauce, or perhaps in a salad.

Any suggestions? Or, is it simply dreadful like frozen hamburger patties and I should just throw it away? Wonder if it would make a good cat treat?

Thanks ;O)

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I will be honest and say that I don't like anything canned that is seafood. I'm fortunate in that I live in a state with tons of seafood to choose from and none comes from a can.

I'm not much help but if you eat fresh seafood, you wouldn't want to eat it out of a can. Just not the same.

I will say that people that I know who don't have direct access to seafood will use that canned shrimp to make a shrimp salad. Serve it on crossiants or a bed of lettuce.

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I thought seafood is bad for cats?

As for the shrimp, I'd mix it up mayo and whatever else you like in your tuna salad and make a sandwich. Not my idea of a great shrimp salad, but my mom used to do it and it was fairly edible.

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Make shrimp salad. Use your tuna salad recipe but sub shrimp. Probably chop them a bit even though canned shrimp are small to begin with. Make shrimp salad sandwiches or just serve a scoop on a bed of lettuce.

Make shrimp bisque. You won't have the shells to make a tasty broth so sub bottled clam juice or fish bullion cubes.

If all else fails, the cat will love the shrimp. But it might set a bad precedent.


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I don't like tuna (or mayo), so I don't have any tuna recipes. Seems more and more like I should just throw it out... it didn't cost me money anyway. Of course there are "starving children in China that would love to have it", so I shouldn't waste! Whatever! Maybe I could donate it to a food pantry or something...

Foodonastump, cats eat seafood in the wild. While some seafood does have mercury, I did research when I got my cat and I feel that as long as I don't give it to my Jasper regularly he'll be fine. He gets about one can of tuna a year... and I can't stand tuna so that proves how much I love the little guy. His kisses aren't very sweet after that treat!

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I use canned shrimp in a chip dip...mix with a block fo cream cheese and a couple of tablespoons of chili sauce a bit of horse radish and a bit of fresh lemon...
or I put it along with perhaps some canned crab into a quiche.
And there is always that last minute hors d'ouvre of a block of cream cheese with some canned shrimp and some cocktail sauce dumped on's one of those things for drop in company.
Linda c

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I don't know if I'm stepping on anyone's toes...but my son posted this on his Facebook page :)

Please help out.
Wed 12:46am
I just wanted bring some attention to an issue that I feel is important. This is year has been tough for everyone. The economy is in bad shape; jobs are scarce, money is tight, and the cost of living seems to be soaring. We all are feeling the pinch right now, but there is a segment of the population that is hit especially hard during these tough times.

Countless people will go hungry this holiday season because of the current economic crisis. The collapse of the housing and financial markets has created a situation where many have cut back on donating to organizations that help the needy. Often, during times like these, we ask ourselves how we can possibly make donations when we ourselves are feeling strapped? I would like to propose that each of you could make a difference in the lives of those who are in need by doing one simple thing. Donate food.

There are many non-perishable items that one can donate that cost about a dollar. The next time you go to the grocery store, pick up an extra can of tuna, corn, or beans and deposit them into the food bins that you see when you are on your way out of the store. Each item donated is a step toward helping a family have a nutritional meal. These families are struggling to make ends meet and rely on the good will of others to be able to pay their bills and keep roofs over their heads.

So please, if you buy a coffee or tea every day, consider forgoing that and using that money to buy a canned good for a hungry family. If you spend for lunch or dinner every day, try to find an item that is a little cheaper and see if you can use that savings to buy a jar of peanut butter or a box of muffin mix to be placed in a food bin. With each of us making a small donation to food deposits in our area, we can help to alleviate a major source of stress for those who are in need this holiday season.

Thank you.


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Gabriel, I have already donated many non-perishable items in my neighborhood for drives that have been going on. I agree 100% with what you have written.

Also when I find a good sale on canned vegetables, etc., I buy a case and donate.

Good idea for the canned shrimp!

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Deborah - three cheers to your son! What a thoughtful young man.

I almot hesitate to post this recipe after than, but anyway, here's a really good recipe that I have been making ever since Ruthanna posted it (thanks Ruthanna).

Posted by: Ruthanna (My Page) on Mon, Oct 7, 02 at 17:07

2 (8 oz.) pkg. softened cream cheese
1 cup cocktail sauce
1 1/2 cups (1 lb.) cooked baby shrimp
1/3 cup chopped green onions
1/3 cup chopped green pepper
1/3 cup sliced ripe olives
1/3 cup diced fresh tomatoes, drained
1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese and/or mozzarella

On a pizza pan or large, flat round tray, spread the cream cheese evenly. Spread the cocktail sauce on top. Sprinkle the shrimp, green onions, green pepper, olives and tomatoes onto the cocktail sauce. Distribute the Parmesan cheese evenly over all the other ingredients so it looks like a pizza. Cover and chill until serving time. Serve as a spread with crackers.

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I make this dip with canned tiny shrimp and crabmeat. We really like it!


16 oz. container sour cream
1 envelope Knorr Vegetable Soup/Dip Mix
1 small can crabmeat
1 small can tiny shrimp
Ritz crackers and chips

Mix sour cream, vegetable soup mix, crabmeat, and shrimp together in medium bowl. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight to let vegetables soften. Serve with crackers & chips.

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Food Bank it!

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My dad used to make a delicious shrimp salad that had canned shrimp, iceberg lettuce, celery, mayo, black olives and I don't know what else in it. It was delicious.

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Back when I was first married living on a very limited budget I would buy a can of shrimp and toss it in macaroni/vegetable salad. I just used Hellmann's and a little lemon juice for the dressing. Gee, come to think of it, that was 40+ years ago!

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I don't like to rain on anyone's parade....but I have several times tried to donate certain foods directly to the Salvation Army food bank. they tell me that therea re a lot of things that just aren't taken....things that have to be prepared etc.
Carrots don't go...a bag of those baby ones do...a bag of seasoned turkey stuffing mix that you add chopped celery etc and butter and broth doesn't go even if you give the broth and butter too.....but a box of just add water does.
Canned salmon doesn't go, tuna well as all the boxes of helpers.
We had an excess of Jello puddings that had to be cooked....the S. Army wouldn't take them.
So I say eat the shrimp...if you want to donate, give a canned ham a box of Mac and cheese, canned corn and green beans, forget the spinach or lima beans.
If you are giving a muffin mix, the ones not using whole wheat go first....and sometimes the bran fuffins go to do loaves of whole wheat bread.
Sad to say but the poor have very little knowledge of nutrition.

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Shrimp paste is a common ingredient in SE Asian and some Cajun dishes. ( You probably can't make proper shrimp paste with that can, but below is an adapted recipe calling for shrimp to be put in a food processor. This might suit your purposes.

I wouldn't food bank it. Food banks have limited storage space and it needs to be taken up with basics that people in need can really use. Most people wouldn't know what to do with canned shrimp.


Here is a link that might be useful: shrimp skewers with lemongrass

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I understand what you are saying Linda, it can be true. I know that when there was a grocery store strike so much food went to waste because shelters would not take anything with an expiration date that wasn't as long out as it would have been had you and I been purchasing it. And we all know that many food stuffs have an expiration date as a guideline. It made me sick.
And I do have to wonder if those taking in the donations set some personal standards? But on the other hand, I suppose they do know what set on the shelves and what moves.
I bet during the depression there wasn't much choosyness.

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Coconut milk, pinch of shredded coconut, curry paste, can of tiny shrimps, and a little cumin. Simmer for awhile to get the cumin to release its oils. Serve over rice.

My cats would not eat canned shrimp. My cat Tuna was angry with me one Christmas because I boiled shrimp when she wanted it fried. That was the last time I boiled the shrimp. When I first joined this forum Tuna was my constant kitchen helper. She has gone over the rainbow bridge so now I cook for just me.

: )

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I's make Shrimp Butter. Drain and then rinse shrimp and drain again. Pat dry with paper towels. Put in food processor with a stick of unsalted butter, squirt of lemon juice, sprinkle of Old Bay seasoning, and some chopped fresh or dried dill. Process and shape into logs, wrap and freeze.

Serve on top of cooked fish or soften and spread on rounds of bread as a base for cucumber tea sandwiches.

I've seen shrimp butter in 1930's cookbooks used as a canape spread and topped with a single shrimp or an anchovy.

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We just had this at my SIL's pre Txgiving was so good, I asked for the recipe, and I made it last night! You won't taste the mayo.

Shrimp Spread

-soften 8 oz. cream cheese (blend until smooth)
-4 Tbsp. mayo
-2 Tbsp. ketchup
-2 tsp. mustard
-dash of garlic powder
-chopped onion as desired
when well blended, add shrimp and mix
-6 oz. can small shrimp, cooked and chopped ( I used a 4 oz can of tiny ones and didn't chop- that's what DH came home with from the store...)
Chill and serve with crackers

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Here is a quick soup that I used to make for my kids, They loved it.
Heat 3c water in pan
Add 2 celery stalks chopped with leaves
Add 1 chopped onion
Add 1 chopped green pepper and the noodles from 1 chicken ramen--cook 3 minutes, the veges should still be a little crisp. Drain a small can of tiny shrimp and add. Then add the flavoring packet from the noodles. If it needs more flavor use a little chicken boullion.

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I grew up in Arizona, and we only knew of two kinds of shrimp. One came in cans, the other came from restaurants-via the freezer.
Here are a couple of good uses for canned shrimp. Add it to potato soup. My mother made "chowder" using canned corn and shrimp. Her chowder was essentially, a thinner version of potato soupk. It had a milk-based broth flavored with fresh celery and onions. Everybody loved it, included my brother's vietnam buddy, who hated seafood.
My mother also made a cold gazpacho-like soup that she called shrimp cocktail and served for a first course. It was tomato juice, a can of Veg-All, and canned shrimp seasoned with a little hot-sauce and served with fresh lemon.
Canned shrimp added to a salad as suggested before, is wonderful. Serve it with fresh tomato wedges, saltine crackers and "Louie" style dressing. (Similar to Thousand Island, I'm sure you could find an easy version on the internet.
We grew up with much less than people have today, but my mother was a great cook who always made the most of what we had.
One last thing . . for those who would give undesirable cans to the food bank . . remember that when people are having hard times they don't suddenly start craving peculiar food from cans with faded labels--anymore than they desire stained clothes or ratty furniture. If you want to really feel good about the donations you make, remember that the people you are giving to, may be people just like you--trying to make it and take care of their families as best they can.

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when i was given canned shrimp i made a salad with the same ingredients as crab salad, put some on toast, and put a thin sliver of sharp chedder cheese on top and made a shrimp toast in my toaster oven.

as far as food banks go, they can't store foods that require a lot of ingredients to any one dish, as some recipients are either placed in rooms with the very basics, bed bath and shelter, or have exhasted their pantry items. many are lucky to even have the access to hot water here. one of my childhood friends is handicapped and would make coffee with instant and hot tap water every AM for 3 years till i moved to his area.

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Drain the shrimp, mix with a package of softened cream cheese, stuff in halved/seeded jalapenos, wrap in bacon and bake until the bacon is done. Yum! (I'll be right over! LOL)

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angelaid that is a super idea for the canned shrimp! I would love those.

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