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whenicitFebruary 5, 2008

Hello, I hope you can help me. I am a rookie. However, I am working on my son's elementary school yearbook. I need to have the pictures be 300 dpi resolution. Is there a way to change the pictures that I am getting from volunteer photographers so they have the required dpi resolution? The cheat sheet only gives an example of how to do this in Adobe Photoshop but I do not have that. I have what came with my Canon Elph and maybe my computer? Which is Corel and Zoom Image Browser (Canon).

Is there any way to do this without purchasing software? I would like to be able to right click on the image and call it done but I guess there is no 'easy button' for this?

Thanks for your advice & help in advance!!

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Irfanview Method
Load your image into Irfanview
Select the "Image > Resize/Resample" option
In that dialog window you'll see a specific DPI data box
Simply enter whatever DPI you want without adjusting anything else in that dialog window.
Click on the "OK" button
Your image DPI has now been set to whatever you want (leaving the pixel dimensions of the image unchanged).
Use "Save As" to save this photo with a new name

Get Irfanview here

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forgot the URL...

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If you use MS Office 2003, you should have MS Office Picture Manager. Chose this to open your jpg (photo) file.
Once it opens, at the top menu, select "Picture". Depends on how large your photos are, you can either chose "Compress" and/or "Resize" to make the photo smaller size. Then, save it to another name. When I have a 1.5 MB size photos, I normally do both, compress first then, resize.

Here's step-by-step instruction:
1) Open file in MS Office Picture Manager
2) Select Picture\Compress
3) Right side menu gives 3 choices: Documents, Web Pages, E-mails. )Chose one and you'll see the size it compress it into. You can do "Edit\undo..." if you don't like it). I normally select Documents, and hit "OK" at the bottom of the menu.
4) Select Picture\Resize
5) Easiest choice is to do a "Percentage". I normally, resize from 60% and up. Again, you can play around with the different percentage to give you some idea and if you don't like it, do Edit\Undo.
6) Save or Save as your photo.

This tool also allows you to compress and/or resize multiple (Batch) photos and Save All at the same time. Select the Thumbnail icon to do multiple photos.

Be careful not to Resize too much; otherwise, your photos loses quality.

I also use this tool to "crop" the photos. If you use crop, do this before doing compress/resize.

I've been busy and haven't check back this forum as often, so e-mail me if you have any questions. Good luck and have fun!


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