Is it OK to give cats canned sardines in tomato sauce?

pranjalFebruary 25, 2007

Hi All

Was just wondering, is it OK to give cats sardines in tomato sauce - just as a treat, once in a while? Our cats were very interested in a can we opened today. I've never given them anything except canned cat food (and cooked chicken and rice when they were younger) until now. And they've never been interested in any other food until today.

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It probably wouldn't hurt to give them a little bit as a treat on rare occasions, but do make sure there is no garlic or onion in the ingredients (both are toxic to cats and dogs).


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Sardines are a great source of Omega 3 for dogs and cats. Maybe rinse off the tomato sauce (it's not bad for them, but it might be spicy). You can buy sardines in water just for the kitties. My cats and dogs eat them once a week. The nice thing about sardines is that they are immature fish so they haven't been around long enough to pick up the contaminants in the water that other fish have.

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Thanks Laurie and Cynthia! The cats loved it (there was no onion/garlic in the ingredients, and they wanted the tomato sauce too!). They aren't interested in any other food besides canned cat food (they're fussy about the brand too), and I'm happy they liked this for a change. Good nutritional value, too. I'll try sardines in water for them next week.

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My dogs love canned sardines for a treat too.Have never tried sardines with tomato sauce.It might be good if i could find some.

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Thanks for starting this thread. I was thinking of getting some for our cats, but never thought of giving them to our dog too, so she'll appreciate it!
My childhood cat had raw liver with tomato juice for kidney issues and he loved it. The vet suggested it. I don't remember the details, though, it was a long time ago and my folks took care of him most of the time.

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I gave my cats sardines in water for Christmas lol

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